Orthodontic Wires (Stainless Steel Round)

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0.12 upper, 0.12 lower, 0.14 upper, 0.14 lower, 0.16 upper, 0.16 lower, 0.18 upper, 0.18 lower, 0.20 upper, 0.20 lower


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Stainless Steel Round Orthodontic Wires: Product Introduction

Orthodontic procedures are technical dental procedures that aim to bring patients a better smile with better teeth alignment. To achieve this, you should have all the necessary tools and dental appliances that your patient needs.

You need to have stainless steel round orthodontic wires ready for your orthodontic patients. These wires are primarily used to connect the brackets, or dental appliances, that are positioned and attached to the teeth to gradually reposition them.

Stainless steel round orthodontic wires serves the simple purpose of applying the necessary force to shift the teeth into the ideal position. They achieve this by storing energy, which is then released as stimuli that have an impact on the periodontal ligament. 

There is a technical aspect to using stainless steel round orthodontic wires, and you need the best quality to ensure that pressure and intensity of tooth movement are regulated.

Best Round Orthodontic Wires: Product Details

You can get the best round orthodontic wires from E-Dental Mart. These are sold in preformed arch shapes with markings for easy identification of the wire gauges. 

You can get these with the thickness of 0.12, 0.14, 0.16, 0.18, and 0.20 for both upper and lower arches.


Stainless Steel Round Orthodontic Wires Can Give You Needed Force Application For Better Teeth Alignment

Stainless steel is a common material for orthodontic wires that are used for dental purposes. Its benefits include being simple to use, non-corroding in the mouth, and being capable of regulated tooth movement.

Furthermore, the stainless steel round orthodontic wires is rigid. Hence, they go back to their old shape when deformed. Their use is essential for describing the placement of teeth and roots, even though the dental changes they cause are less obvious than those caused by elastic archwires.


Get Top Notch Strength, Rigidity, and Fit with the Best Round Orthodontic Wires

The varieties of orthodontic wire are also determined by their thickness! And, you can get all you need from E-Dental Mart. In this kind of dental treatment, you often start off using thin, flexible archwires before using a succession of thicker archwires. After this phase is finished, you switch to rigid archwires.

Since thinner wires provide lighter forces, it is usual to start with them. Once the correct position is attained, and the patient’s tissues have gotten used to the tension, gradually increase the thickness.


Buy Stainless Steel Round Orthodontic Wires Online in Pakistan from E-Dental Mart!

Get yours today! Buy stainless steel round orthodontic wires online in Pakistan! Get these ready for your patients. Plus, equip yourself with all the gauges needed for a successful orthodontic treatment.

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