Perfect manual Protapers

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NiTi Protapers set of 6 files


Material : Niti, Silicone stops
Usage : Root Canal
Applicable Department : Endodontics
Lengths : 21mm, 25mm
Type : Shaping files and Finishing files


• Establish straightline access
• Preflare the orifice(s) with the X-Gates or SX
• Use #10 and #15 hand files to create a glide path and secure canals
• Negotiate and secure canals with a viscous chelator
• Shape canals with an aqueous intracanal reagent
• Clean flutes frequently and inspect for signs of distortion
• Pre-curve manual ProTaper files when there is not a smooth, reproducible glide path


1 Pack (6pcs) x *write weight of 1pack*


Packed 6 PCS to a box. Assorted package have SX, S1, S2, F1, F2, F3

Normal Delivery : 3-5 Working Days (Usually delivered in 2-4 working days)
Urgent Delivery : 1-2 Working Days (Usually delivered overnight)
*delivery charges vary for both

Material : Niti, Silicone stops
Usage : Root Canal
Applicable Department : Endodontics
Lengths : 21mm, 25mm
Type : Shaping files and Finishing files
Packing : Packed 6 PCS to a box.
Assorted package have SX, S1, S2, F1, F2, F3

Perfect Manual Protapers

The introduction of Perfect Manual ProTapers has made a significant impact in the bio mechanical preparation of the root canal systems.

The curved and dilacerated roots in the posterior teeth are mostly the major challenge to the dentists during endodontic treatments. However, the efficient biochemical preparation is also affected by improper instrumentation in the constricted or curved canals. The use of traditional techniques and instruments in the dilacerated roots may produce fractured instruments, ledges, and canal blockages that further complicate the endodontic treatments.

ProTapers are very helpful as their introduction has helped a lot to reduce the fracture rate. However, they are also very helpful for treating the posterior teeth in reduced mouth opening conditions. The ProTaper instruments have noted advantages like increased higher strength, flexibility, and wear resistance over the conventional rotary endodontic systems.

Efficiency of ProTapers

A unique features of these file, compared to other files systems, that each instrument has changing percentages tapers over the length of its cutting blades. These instruments serve to significantly improve the cutting efficiency, flexibility, and safety. Another feature of these instruments is their convex, triangular cross-section, which is helpful to improve the cutting action and decreases the rotational friction between the blade of the file and dentin.

ProTapers have a changing helical angle and pitch over their cutting blades, which is helpful to reduce the potential of an instrument from inadvertently screwing into the canal. Each file offers a non-cutting, modified guiding tip. This is the reason why each instrument is able to safely follow the secured path of a canal. However, the small flat on its tip improves its ability to find its way through debris and soft tissues. The ProTapers system consists of five Finishing and three Shaping files.

Where to Buy ProTapers in Pakistan?

Sometimes it’s hard to find the right place where dentists will find all the necessary instruments for their practice. However, a wrong or bad quality instrument results in losing a patient and bad practice. Therefore, We at E-Dental mart are striving to offer dentists and medical staff all over the Pakistan with the best quality instruments and medical supplies. Order best quality Perfect Manual ProTapers today and we will deliver it at your doorstep.

Got some Question?

3 years 10 months ago

Is it original files

E-Dental Mart
3 years 10 months ago

Yes these files are 100% original. We have imported them directly from the company. Each pack has a barcode serial number at the back which you can verify from the company if you want.

2 years 15 days ago

what is the taper of these files

csr7 csr7
2 years 15 days ago

These are 4% taper sir


Additional Information

Weight 30 g

21 mm, 25 mm, 19mm


SX, SX, S1, S2, F1, F2, F3, Assorted Package

7 reviews for Perfect manual Protapers

  1. Dr. Umer Yamin (verified owner)

    Absolutely original files, available here at a cheaper price compared to all other vendors in Lahore.

  2. Dr Amjad Leghari

    product is same but much cheaper than chughtai and other vendors..totally recommended!

    • admin

      Thank you for appreciating our products and services sir. We look forward to provide you even bettere services in future. @Dr. Amjad Leghari

  3. Dr. Zain ul Abidin

    The files are impeccable Masha Allah. Great files having markers at 18,19, 20 and 22mm. Makes working a lot easier. I’ve been using their files for more than 6 months on more than 60 patients (different packs) with ZERO complaints.

    The only problem I have is when I’m performing elective endo on a and I don’t have these available in 31mm.

    Excellent product otherwise.

    • csr7 csr7

      Thank you for your appriciation it’s very honorable for us that our clients are happy with our quality and products and in future we’ll try to make our products more better according to cusotmer requirements
      Thank you for being a valuable E-Dental Mart Client !

  4. Dr Omema (verified owner)

    I would highly recommend these files, i bought in 21 and 25mm and they are doing a wonderful job, infact I’m in love with them, sometimes i face difficulty in achieving WL with rotary files, combination of these files with rotary just do the job perfectly ??

    • csr6 csr6 (verified owner)

      Dr Omema Favor & give us a Positive Review on our Official FB Page as well.

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