Rotary Protapers Files (Universal)

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Perfect Rotary Protapers

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Weight 30 g

19mm, 21mm, 25mm, 31mm


SX, S1, S2, F1, F2, Assorted package, tg gold f1


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NiTi Rotary Files are Endodontic Ni Ti Alloy based instruments. Endodontics is the discipline of dentistry concerning three aims: Prophylaxis, diagnosis and treatment of pulp diseases and its periodontal complications. Protaper NiTi Rotary Files are designed for Root Canal Treatment purposes. Therefore, they have to be used only by Dental Experts. Ideally, Root Canal Treatment Files must achieve four essential goals. Which are:

  1. Realize the most possible removal of pulp tissue and pathogens.
  2. Create a progressive enlargement of the root canal in a regular taper.
  3. Respect the existing canal’s pathway.
  4. Respect the foramen’s size and situation.

Why choosing Protaper NiTi Rotary Files?

Protaper System symbolizes a huge evolution in Root Canal Preparation techniques. NiTi Rotary and Hand Protapers were the first to exist in both Shaping and Finishing Files with active cutting edges. On top of that, they were the first to display a progressively tapered design on each one. Protaper, hence, has been the System of Choice for Root Canal Preparation over the last 13 years. Just as Hand Files, Protaper NiTi Rotary Files features a charming simplicity. They also display the same performance and tapered Design you already know and trust from NiTi Hand Files. What’s different is their rotary action making Root Canal Preparation easier and less complicated.

NiTi Rotary Files Design Features

Each NiTi Rotary File has multiple tapers progressively changing over Cutting Blades. This design guarantees a higher flexibility and cut dentin in particular canal zones. In addition, Endosequence Rotary Files have a convex triangular Cross Section and an inactive Guiding Tip. In fact, this particular cross-section reduces the high friction between canal wall and File blades. As a result, cutting efficiency is deeply improved. Again, Endosequence Rotary Files modified Guiding Tip allows each NiTi Rotary File to smoothly follow the secured pathway of the canal. Moreover, the flat area on the non-cutting Tip makes it easier for NiTi Rotary Files to find their way thru debris and pulp tissue.

Endosequence Rotary Files Identification

NiTi Rotary Protapers are color coded. They could be easily recognized.

  • Shaper X: This one has a Yellow ring on its orange colored holder. The file is shorter than the rest of Endosequence Rotary Files. Its length is only 19 mm. Its main purpose is to mechanically shape the canal orifice. Instead, it could be useful for short roots’ canal shaping.
  • Shaper 1: This NiTi Rotary File encloses a Purple ring on its holder. As well as the rest of the files, this instrument is available 21 mm and 25 mm. Its purpose is to shape the cervical third part of the Root Canal in rotary action.
  • Shaper 2: This NiTi Rotary Protaper has a White ring on its holder. Its purpose is to shape the middle-third part of the Root Canal.
  • Finisher 1: With a Yellow identification band on its handle. Dentists should use this instrument to prepare the apical third of the root canal.
  • Finisher 2: With a Red identification ring on its handle. This file, as well as Finisher 3 are used for apical third preparation of wider canals.
  • Finisher 3: It has a Blue identification ring on its handle.


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