Plastic Instrument

PKR  80PKR  345

Brand Name: E-Dental Mart
Place of Origin: Pakistan
Instrument Classification: Class I
Application: Dental Surgery
Type: Cleaning & Filling Teeth Treatment

Product Description

Plastic Instrument – Plasma Coated Tip

Brand Name : E-Dental Mart

Colour : silver and Blue

working ends : Double sided

Type : Hollow and Solid Handle

Usage : used in Operative Dentistry

Made In Pakistan

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With other innovative and best quality tools E-Dental Mart presents to you Plastic Instrument. Composite filling Plastic Dental Instruments are for placing and contouring pliable restorative materials into cavity preparations. They have generally round ends and they are used in different procedures without damaging soft tissues. Plasma coated plastic instruments are the best tools for orthodontic procedures. They offer safe and sound insertion, sculpting and contouring of dental prosthesis. If you want to buy these innovative plastic dental instruments then E-Dental Mart is the perfect place. On our online dental store you get the best quality products manufactured according to modern studies to provide maximum comfort to users. You can Buy Plastic Instrument Dental Online in Pakistan easily from our store.

Features Of Plastic Instruments

Plastic dental instruments are tools with tips covered in plastic. They are used in different kinds of orthodontic procedures. Available in great silver handle blue tips these instruments are perfect for filling and contouring restorative materials. E-Dental Mart offers you a range of normal handle, hollow handle plasma coated, hollow pointed plasma coated and hollow handle pointed plastic instruments. You can choose the one you want and simply order it from our online dental store. 

We have plastic instruments that are double ended plasma coated non-stick instruments in all required shapes and sizes. They are ultra-hard for outstanding wear resistance and highly inert to corrosive chemicals. The PVD coating of plasma doesn’t chip off or flake because it is molecularly bonded. Dark blue color reduces reflective glare which increases perception of the surgeon.

Uses Of Plastic Instruments

Plastic dental instruments are used in so many restorative surgeries. They are non-sticky which makes them perfect for the use in orthodontic treatment without causing any damage. Plastic dental instruments can be used for filling cavities with composites and they can also be used in cleaning of endodontic files.