Polythene Gloves

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Product Description

Polythene Gloves

Usage: Medical, Food Processing

Color: Transparent

Type: Disposable

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 In these trying times of pandemic Polythene Gloves are the most important need alongside face masks. Polythene gloves are normal plastic disposable gloves used in common use. They are the most economical gloves. E-Dental Mart has a great range of disposable products made with highest quality materials. We offer you all kinds of disposables for medical and dental needs at an amazing price range. Best Quality Polythene Gloves that we have on our online store are perfect for light duty tasks. You can Buy Polythene Gloves Online in Pakistan from E-Dental Mart. So grab right now this perfect pack of 100 pieces of high density clear plastic gloves.

Uses Of Polythene Gloves

Best quality polythene gloves available at our online dental store are used mostly for medical and food purposes. They are used in the times when it is needed to frequently change gloves. Polythene gloves have loose fit design which makes them perfect for easy on an off application. They are especially useful in food lines. They provide prevention from cross-infection, through direct contact of skin, or contamination. Polythene gloves are also used for medical purposes and in normal use. It is important to have a barrier of pvc between skin and the place of contact with suspected infection transmission.

Features Of Polythene Gloves

Polythene gloves available on E-Dental Mart are made from high quality polythene material. You can buy them at an amazing price. Polythene plastic is one of the most inexpensive and common plastics. Mostly polythene products are used for food handling and storage of different materials. Best quality polythene gloves provide prevention from contamination of food. It is used if mixing and handling of food materials it also protects the skin of hands from getting damaged with spices or food chemicals. These gloves are also perfect for medical use as they provide protection from infectious microorganisms.

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