Retainer Box

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package include single piece.

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Size: 7.9 x 7.8 x 2.7cm
Weight: 20g
Color: multiclours
Material: PP
Application: Dental Lab

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Retainers are dental wires that keep your teeth from relapsing to their original position. Retainers are worn as precautionary measures after your braces treatment ends. In order to keep your teeth straight you have to wear retainers for a time duration of four to six months. Retainers are detachable so you can take them off as per your need as comfort. But anything that is placed in the mouth comes with a severe danger of infection. In order to keep your retainers in a proper place where they can stay safe from bacteria and germs you should buy a retainer box. A retainer box is a small plastic box used to keep your retainers safe. If you don’t know where to buy a retainer box then don’t worry because you’re already at the right place. Buy braces retainer box from E-Dental Mart. We have dental retainer boxes in different colors and not just that. If you buy retainer box from our online dental store you get amazing different colors. Buy retainer box online in Pakistan and keep your retainers safe when you don’t need them.

Features Of Retainer Box

Retainer box is a small plastic box used to keep your retainers. It is made up of a very good quality plastic and available in different colors. You can easily wash retainer box with normal cleaning methods to keep it clean from germs and bacteria. Its material quality will not be destroyed because of the liquid soap or other cleaning products so you can wash it without worrying. It is a small box that comes in attractive colors. You can place it anywhere near you or keep it in a bag. Most people don’t sleep with retainers on so if you buy a retainer box you can easily keep it overnight without any fear of harming your retainers. It helps to protect you from getting infected through retainers and protect retainers from dust and other infections. All in all, the retainer box available online in our store in Pakistan is perfect for your retainer care.