Rubber Dam Kit

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Packaging Include: 
Clamp Holder  x 1
Clamp Plier  x 1
U Frame x 1
Clamps x 12

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Mustafa Ayub Khawaja
2 years 11 months ago

is the product missing three clamps as shown in the image?



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Rubber dam kit contain all the necessary tools to place rubber dam on patients’ mouths or hold them. Rubber dam kit has all the basic equipment packed neatly in a plastic box. Essential forceps and clamps included in this kit are used for rubber dam procedures in dentistry. All tools are designed ergonomically to assist dentists in rubber dam procedure. It’s better to buy a rubber dam kit with a complete set of instruments instead of buying separate instruments.

Basic Assortment of Rubber Dam Kit

Best rubber dam kit available online contains all the imperative tools related to rubber dam procedure. It has forceps, clamps, punch and frame. All of these instruments have different functions in rubber dam procedure.

Rubber dam kit available on E-Dental Mart has forceps that are made up of high-quality stainless steel. It is used to open the rubber dam in order to open and place the clamps on the tooth. The rubber dam punch comes with different sizes of punch holes which are used for corresponding teeth. Rubber dam frame is used to hold rubber dam material in place. It has seven pointed ends which help to keep rubber dam material in place. Rubber dam kits also have different clamps used for different kinds of teeth. 

Importance of Rubber Dam Kit

Why is it not preferable to buy tools separately? That’s because buying separate tools can be more expensive. You will have a bunch of disordered tools all over the place. Some of the tools you bought will be of good quality and some of poor quality. Every tool will have different specifications. If you want to get out of this mess then buy this perfectly suitable box of Rubber dam kit available on E-Dental Mart. This cost-effective kit contains all best quality equipment used in rubber dam procedure in one place.