Seal Apex

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Ca(OH)2 based root canal sealer.
Box and Mixing Pad is not Included.

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Product Description

Seal Apex

Seal Apex is a noneugenol calcium hydroxide, Kerr sealapex root canal sealer provides healing and hard tissue formation complete kit.

Ingredients for sealapex , catalyst Isobutyl salicylate resin, fumed silica (Silicon dioxide), Bismuth trioxide, titanium dioxide pigment. Base N-ethyl toluene solfanamide resin, fumed silica (Silicon dioxide), zinc oxide, calcium oxide.

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Dr Javed
1 year 2 months ago

Why box and mixing pad is not available??

1 year 2 months ago

Sir it was received as it is from company as well


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Weight 50 g

With Box, Without Box


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Seal Apex is a root canal sealer that comes in liquid and powder components. This endodontic sealer is composed of calcium hydroxide. After mixing the liquid and powder components, you can effectively place these in the canals as sealers.



To achieve the best treatment prognosis for root canal treatments, you need suitable dental materials. One of the materials that you should choose carefully is endodontic sealers. This material will help you achieve excellent obturation and even additional antimicrobial effects.

Seal Apex is an excellent choice. This product is composed of calcium hydroxide, an antimicrobial. In addition, the Seal Apex root canal sealer composition, calcium hydroxide, will help you obturate well and disinfect your canals better. Using Seal Apex as endodontic sealers, just mix the two components until a creamy and mayonnaise-like consistency is achieved.



Seal Apex is mainly calcium hydroxide. Literature suggests the importance of this compound. With this, you can achieve good endodontic results because of the sealing capacity and antimicrobial effect of this material. 

Furthermore, Seal Apex is compatible with both oral tissues and your obturating materials such as gutta-percha.  This will not cause harm to your root canal systems. Also, it will not negatively affect the sealing capacity of your gutta-percha points. They can even support gutta-percha points in obturation as they fill the cones’ spaces, ensuring a tight obturating seal.



Seal Apex’s root canal sealer composition will help you achieve the seal you want for your endodontic obturations. In addition, this is very easy to mix. You can quickly reach your desired consistency. Also, the working time for this material is sufficient. 

In addition, you would also want to benefit from the tissue healing and hard tissue formation that can be induced by Seal Apex root canal sealer. 

To help you and your endodontic treatments, buy Seal Apex calcium hydroxide root canal sealer online in Pakistan. You can check them out on E-Dental Mart and see more of the available dental materials for your needs.