Sectional Matrix System

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Packing include:

Sectional Matrix Bands: 30pcs (no.1 5pcs/ no.2 10pcs/ no.3 10pcs/ no.4 5pcs)

Resin Clamping Ring: 1pc

Resin Separating Ring: 1pc

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Sectional Matrix System: Product Introduction

Restorations of teeth should be made with the best materials. The dentist should ensure that a decayed tooth can be restored to its previous function and form. With this, the patient will enjoy a better smile and chewing efficiency.

Sometimes, the tooth can have multiple surfaces damaged with dental caries. And, when restoring them, you run the risk of placing the restorative material such that it sticks to the adjacent teeth.

Do not worry about this problem if you will be using the sectional matrix system. This product comprises several materials that you need to fill cavities with proximal involvement.

You can use the dental matrix system to restore posterior teeth that have mesial or distal caries lesions. Also, you can make sure that you can use the product with light-cured composite.

The main purpose of a sectional matrix system is to confine the filling material so that it will not stick to the adjacent tooth. Also, it makes sure that it copies the contour of the missing tooth wall.


Dental Matrix System: Product Details

At E-Dental Mart, you can buy the best sectional matrix system. It is composed of 30 pieces of matrix bands and two pieces of clamps. These are used together. You get different configurations of matrix bands that fit to the tooth anatomy that you are restoring.


Best Sectional Matrix System Made for Restoring Tight Contacts

Tight interproximal contacts are very difficult to restore. However, make it easier with the best sectional matrix system!

The dental matrix system is composed of clamps and disposable matrix bands. By using the two together, you can replicate the shape of the missing structure of the tooth. With the sectional matrix system, you get to prevent cervical overhangs.

Cervical overhang is an error in restoring class II cavities where the dental material is shaped inappropriately on the cervical interproximal area. This could develop into periodontal disease or further decay from caries. Use the best sectional matrix system to prevent this.


Dental Matrix System Compatible With Posterior Teeth Anatomy

The fantastic thing about the dental matrix system is that it perfectly fits the anatomy of posterior teeth.

The resin clamping ring is made with the strength and elasticity needed to keep the sectional matrix bands in place during restoration.

Furthermore, the sectional matrix band is pre-contoured and has the appropriate hardness for use.


Buy Sectional Matrix System Online in Pakistan from E-Dental Mart!

It is very common to restore broken down teeth in the dental clinic. You need to be prepared and always have the dental matrix system ready with you!

Buy sectional matrix system online in Pakistan. E-Dental Mart has this product ready for you and more! Buy here today and get this product with quick shipping.