serrated tooth extraction forcep set

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Serrated Tooth Extraction Forcep Set

Serrated Tooth Forcep: Product Introduction

You would need extraction forceps for oral surgery cases. These forceps will help you remove decayed teeth or root fragments from the socket and ensure that no fragments are left unremoved.

The serrated tooth forcep from E-Dental Mart is what you need! These extraction forceps are used by adapting it as apically as possible on the tooth involved. Then, with a simple back-and-forth motion, the tooth will be elevated out!

Another feature that you should look for in extraction forceps is their adaptability. Different anatomies entail the use of different instruments. Fortunately, the serrated tooth extraction forcep offers this for you!

The serrated tooth forcep has six different configurations to choose from. The tooth location and extent of decay on the tooth involved will help you in determining which extraction forceps to use in a particular scenario.

Extraction forceps are used in conjunction with other tooth extraction armamentaria. These extraction forceps are best used with elevators.


Serrated Tooth Extraction Forcep: Product Details

At E-Dental Mart, you can get the serrated tooth extraction forcep at a very good deal. You have the option to purchase all six different configurations.

Each of the serrated tooth forcep comes with long handles, sturdy hinges, and serrated working ends for grasping onto teeth. 


Best Serrated Tooth Extraction Forcep Fit For Any Tooth

The serrated tooth extraction forceps have beaks that are made to grasp onto teeth. With the beaks firmly in place, you can exert pressure from the handles and help build leverage so that you can pull out the tooth in a simple back-and-forth motion.

And the fantastic thing about the serrated tooth forcep is that you have the option of six different configurations of the instrument. 

You can have specific forceps for anterior teeth, premolars, and molars. A correctly adapted instrument is the key to making sure that you can extract it carefully.


High-Quality Serrated Tooth Forcep

Another great thing about the serrated tooth forcep is its quality. You are getting a very durable steel material with this product.

The long and slender handles are designed to transmit forces from your hand onto the beak.

Additionally, the hinge is also made for the best grip and support. You will not risk having the instrument break at any point!

Lastly, the serrations on the beaks can also provide you with a non-slip effect.


Buy Serrated Tooth Extraction Forcep Online in Pakistan from E-Dental Mart!

Make tooth extractions easier with the correct instruments. Buy serrated tooth extraction forcep and use it with your extraction cases.

If you want to purchase one today, all you need to do is go to E-Dental Mart, an online dental shop in Pakistan. Buy with great deals and quick shipping!