Sodium Hypochlorite

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Sodium Hypochlorite is a root canal disinfectant used in endodontics. This solution should be diluted in one liter of water prior to placing it in a syringe with injecting needles. With this solution, you can effectively disinfect, irrigate, and lubricate canals.



One essential item to use when doing root canal treatment is an irrigating solution. It would be best to choose a biocompatible, antimicrobial, cheap, and easy-to-use solution. Sodium hypochlorite is the most recommended irrigating solution in endodontics.

You will enjoy all the benefits of using sodium hypochlorite as a root canal disinfectant. Use this root canal disinfectant with an appropriately sized syringe and needle. So, you can dispense the product accurately to the root canal systems. It is essential to know the depth and extrusion force when using this to ensure that it stays in the root canals.

With sodium hypochlorite, you can disinfect your canals due to its excellent antimicrobial capacity. Furthermore, the flushing action can loosen debris and prevent apical blockage. Endodontists would definitely benefit from using sodium hypo.



Sodium hypochlorite has good properties as an endodontic irrigating solution. First, this is antimicrobial. Therefore, you can chemically clean areas of the root canal systems that your endodontic files cannot reach. 

This root canal disinfectant also has good contact with dentin and ensures that it can reach all spots for adequate disinfection.

Another function of sodium hypochlorite as an irrigating solution is its ability to flush out debris mechanically. You can prevent blockage of your apex, and you can maintain your working length better.



To have an excellent endodontic procedure, you need the best products. Sodium hypo is a trusted choice for dentists.

You will benefit from its good antimicrobial effect and ease of use.

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