Soft Liner

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Chair Side soft lining material by GC.

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Brand Name: GC
Application Time: Fast
Irritation: No Heat Irritation
Trim: Easy to Trim
Retention: Good
Removal: Simple to Remove After Dental Treatment
Application: Dental Surgery

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GC Soft Liner

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Dr. Umer Yamin
3 years 6 months ago

Is it self cure or heat cure? And what is the weight in grams of the powder and quantity of liquid in ml?


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Weight 230 g


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If you are looking for a solution for edentulous ridges then GC Soft Liner is perfect material to advocate such cause. It easily manages the flabby displaceable tissues in cases of severely resorbed ridges, which can affect the retention and stability of complete dentures and further enhance bone loss. GC Soft Liner Tissue Conditioner available on E-Dental Mart can be perfect help for such kinds of problems. It will provide a soft cushioning effect and distributes uniform occlusal forces to compromised residual ridges.  GC Fast Set Soft Liner is a must to have product to treat clinical situations like atrophic mandibular denture. You can Buy GC Fast Set Soft Liner Online in Pakistan from your most trusted store E-Dental Mart at a reasonable price.

Features Of GC Soft Liner

GC soft liner is the best acrylic temporary relining material for partial and full dentures as well as functional impression taking. GC soft liner tissue conditioner features a good surface tension retention effect. It is soft high molecular material which is applied to the surface of the denture base. It has low heat development that supports the healing process. GC fast set soft liner will provide perfect conditioning to the displaced mucosa. It is used in a form of paste that can be made from GC soft liner liquid and GC soft liner powder.

Contraindications and Usage Direction Of GC Soft Liner

GC soft liner tissue conditioner is not used on the patients who have known allergy to acrylic resins. If after application it indicates any allergy or similar symptoms refer to a physician. It comes with 1 GC soft liner liquid and 1 GC soft liner powder along with mixing accessories. To avoid cross contamination between patients it is advised to disinfect devices of GC fast set soft liner after each use. Thoroughly clean it to prevent drying and accumulation of contaminants.