Spoon Excavator

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Brand Name: E-Dental Mart
Place of Origin: Pakistan
Material: Stainless Steel

Type: Oral Therapy Equipment & Accessories

Product Description

Premium Quality Spoon Excavator in Pakistan!

Brand Name : E-Dental Mart

Colour : silver and Blue

working ends : double sided

Material : Stainless steel Hollow Handle

Usage : used in operative Dentistry

Made In Pakistan

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Spoon Excavators are specifically cleaning tools used in orthodontics for routine cleaning and filing of oral cavities. They are mainly used to remove tooth debris or decayed dentin from the tooth cavity. Dental Spoon Excavator is chiefly used in smaller tooth cavities. It is also used for cleaning enamel or dental junctions. Best spoon excavator is a fragile instrument and it works perfectly with slight pressure to prevent damage to surrounding tissues. You can buy a spoon excavator online in Pakistan from E-Dental Mart at the most reasonable price. This orthodontic instrument is needed by every dentist for routine checkups. Since it is used to remove carries and clean oral cavities it is important to have a high quality tool that doesn’t get ruined after a small time. Spoon excavator we provide is made up of corrosion free metal that can be easily sterilized. 

How to Properly Use Spoon Excavator

Since a spoon excavator is one of the most used tools in orthodontic checkup. So, it is necessary to sterilize it after using it on one patient. It is also important to clean and sterilize this instrument before first ever use. Effective cleaning and sterilization are absolutely necessary for every dental tool. Therefore, a dental professional must take care about the cleaning of spoon excavators after every use. So, infection transmission can be prevented and you can give healthy hygienic treatment to your patients.

Product Evaluation of Spoon Excavator

Spoon excavator available on E-Dental Mart is made up of the best quality stainless steel. It is available in two types, normal silver or colored which you can choose from. It has a hollow handle which provides a smooth grip to the holder. It has two sharp ends which can easily explore between teeth and remove left over debris or carries. Order this amazing dental spoon excavator online right now and get it delivered to your doorstep in no time.