Straight Wire Cutter

Original price was: PKR  1,200.Current price is: PKR  945.

Brand Name: E-Dental Mart
Place of Origin: Pakistan

with TC Tip

Product Description

Straight Wire Cutter Tungsten carbide tip (TC Tip).

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Orthodontic tools at E-Dental Mart are manufactured and polished with extra care so they can meet all possible needs of dentists and patients. We make our tools with highest quality materials that are long lasting. No cleaning method can harm the fine texture and working quality of dental tools made by E-Dental Mart. We have the best quality products available on our online dental store. If you are looking for a good quality straight wire cutter then E-Dental Mart is your best option. It is made from stainless steel of high surgical grade quality. Straight wire cutters for dental use are available on our online dental store with tungsten carbide tip. You can now easily place an order to buy straight wire cutters online in Pakistan at an amazing price. Order this tool in great quality and low price from your very own trusted store E-Dental Mart.

Features Of Straight Wire Cutter

Straight wire cutters for dental use are made up of stainless steel. It prevents the tool from getting corroded by the cleaning method. It is safe to clean straight wire cutters by autoclaving or normal sterilization procedures. Straight wire cutters available on our online store have tungsten carbide tips. It gives it a nice tight grip while holding objects. Tungsten carbide makes it easy for a straight wire cutter to cut hard wires in a smooth motion. With second to none edge retention these instruments allow you to work effectively and efficiently in providing quality care to our patients. You care about your patients and we care about you because we have all the best quality instruments to cater your dental needs. So don’t wait to make a decision and buy the best products in Pakistan at a low price. 

Uses Of Straight wire Cutter

Straight wire cutters have several uses in dental restorative procedures. It is mainly used to cut hard wire for ligatures and pins. It is a safe tool to work in the mouth of a patient because it works smoothly without hurting or causing any damage to the oral cavity. With its tungsten carbide tip straight wire cutter is strong enough to cut through any kind of hard ligature wire easily. It is an essential tool in dental surgery which is used to cut extra pieces of wire from the braces. Long curved handle of a straight wire cutter makes it easy to grip and cut smoothly through any kind of wire without hurting patients.