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2 hole to 4 hole, 4 hole to 2 hole


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Unit Port Converter: Product Introduction

The dental handpiece is a very useful dental instrument. You can attach multiple kinds of burs to it and use it with high rotations per minute to cut through hard tissues like teeth and the alveolar bone. 

However, different brands of dental handpieces have different specifications. Given that a dental handpiece is attached to a dental chair unit, there might be discrepancies about the compatibility of the attachments.

Sometimes, you might need a unit port converter ready for you in a dental setup. A handpiece can have either a two-hole or four-hole tubing where water and air go into the handpiece. So, to attach it, you need to have the same two-hole or four-hole setup in the dental chair.

If there are incompatibilities, you need the high speed handpiece tubing adapter 2 to 4 hole changer. This ensures that any handpiece can be used on your dental chair unit. So, you get more uses with your handpiece!

The dental handpiece is used in almost all dental procedures. Use it when preparing decayed teeth, access preparations in endodontic procedures, doing mouth preps, or sectioning impacted teeth for extractions.

Maximize the versatility of the dental handpiece with the unit port converter.


High Speed Handpiece Tubing Adapter 2 to 4 Hole Changer: Product Details

The high speed handpiece tubing adapter 2 to 4 hole changer is a metal product that converts your handpiece tubing. It has a two-hole side and a four-hole side. 

The handpiece tubing adapter 2 to 4 hole has an internal mechanism that allows conversion and delivery of air and water onto the correct holes onto the handpiece. All you need to do is screw on the appropriate end, and you are ready to use the handpiece.


Convenient and Universal Use of Handpiece Tubing Adapter 2 to 4 Hole Converter

Of course, you cannot match the convenience of having a handpiece tubing adapter 2 to 4 hole converter! If you have multiple units of the dental handpiece and each has different hole configurations, the unit port converter will make your life easier!

Furthermore, the unit port converter is designed to accommodate all generations and models of handpieces and dental chair units.


Unit Port Converter With High Quality Build and Tarnish Resistant Metal

Since air and water pass through the unit port converter, you need a high-quality build! The unit port converter from E-Dental Mart is made with tarnish-resistant internal and external bearings!


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