Vita Shade Guide

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Vita Shade Guide

Brand Name: Vita
Measuring Range: 400 – 700 nm
Usage: Tracking Teeth Whitening Treatment Result
Application: Dental Surgery
Type: Teeth Whitening

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 Who doesn’t want a perfect smile with perfectly white teeth? E-Dental Mart presents you Vita Shade Guide that offers 16 natural tooth shades. Vita Shade Teeth Whitening Guide is perfect for tracking teeth whitening treatment results. Vita Tooth Shade Guide is available on our online dental store at an amazing price range. We believe a healthy life starts with a bright smile and that is what we guarantee. We provide you a range of best quality products from best brands around the world that will help you retain the brightest set of white teeth. Vita Dental Shade Guide is the most accurate shade guide for you to discuss and precisely monitor the shade of your teeth during whitening treatment. You can order from your home easily to Buy Vita Shade Guide Online in Pakistan.

Features Of Vita Shade Teeth Whitening Guide

Vita shade guide classical A1-D4 with vita bleached shades offers you tooth shade determination in a single step. With vita dental shade guides it is so simple and easy to select shades for teeth whitening. It offers you 16 natural empirically induced tooth shades. In addition with a vita shade teeth whitening guide you get additional three shades to monitor tooth whitening. It provides quick comparison thanks to its natural tooth shade samples. Vita tooth shade guide provides the possibility of selecting shades in accordance with visually perceived levels of lightness.

How To Choose Vita Shade Teeth Whitening Guide

The classification of vita tooth shade guide allows you to choose the best shade for your dental restoration. You can choose from a range of shades of organized tint which is available in different shades of reddish brown (A), reddish yellowish (B) , greyish (C) and reddish greyish color (D). For brightness the shades are classified by number, for lightest 1 and for darkest 4. Once the shade is selected you can choose the dental composite easily according to the chosen shade.