Wood Pecker Scaler Table Top

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Brand Name: Wood Peckers
Place of Origin: China
Type: Ultrasonic Scaler
Maker: Woodpecker
Output: 20W
Unit Weight: 0.80kg
Type: Ultrasonic Scaler

Product Description

Wood Pecker Table Top Scaler

Got some Question?

3 years 10 months ago

Would it work without compressor. How much is the tips.

2 years 9 months ago

yes it work without compressor. its tips good and reliable

csr6 csr6
2 years 9 months ago

Thank you for your appreciation hope you will choose E- DENTAL MART in future also


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Weight 1500 g


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E-Dental Mart presents you with an innovative WoodPecker Scaler Table Top in our range of woodpecker products. We provide you dental equipment from the best ever brands with best efficiencies. Table Top Scaler is designed with modern technology which allows full and effective control of the performance. We have a great range of all kinds of dental equipment from woodpecker brand among them WoodPecker Scaler Top is a must buy device if you want to enhance your experience in dentistry. Our main motive is to fulfill your dental needs in the most comfortable way. For that we offer you to Buy WoodPecker Table Top Scaler Online in Pakistan from our online dental store at the best and convenient prices.

Features Of Woodpecker Scaler Table Top

Woodpecker scaler table top UDS-P-LED have EMS compatible handpiece and tips that provide excellent means of tartar removal. It works in easy to get power of 20W. Table top scaler of woodpecker has an automatic frequency tracking system that makes sure the steady working of the scaler. It is digital with all easy to use controls and endo function. Woodpecker scaler top has the autoclavable titanium handpiece to minimize contamination. It produces excellent piezo-ceramic vibrations for convenient working. Woodpecker scaler table tops have detachable handpieces that ensure mechanical function and durability.

Why Periodontal Therapy Is necessary?

Periodontal therapy is an important day to day care for your teeth to prevent periodontal infection and maintaining a healthy periodontium. Woodpecker scaler table top is an amazing device to achieve periodic mechanical removal of subgingival microbial films to inflammatory diseases in the mouth. It is important to remove bacterial deposits and calculus from tooth surfaces while protecting healthy dental tissue. Everyone wants to show off their bright white smile with a perfect set of teeth. We offer you to buy woodpecker table top scalers online in Pakistan to give your patients perfect teeth and good oral health.