Yes star self developing Xray Films

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PKR  1,100PKR  6,350

Size: 3x4cm
Qty: Pack of 100 films self developing liquid 250ml
Expiry:  MAy-2025


  • High Definition: The image is perfect definition and excellent resolution.
  • Fast: It could be taken a clearer and high contrast image on condition of low high irradiation dosage, to protect dentist and patients’ health, reduce radiation from X-ray.
  • Comfortable: The plastic packing is soft, comfortable and usage convenience.
  • Convenient: Could be wash by manual or processor machine, light room wash is available.
  • Quality guarantee: The materials are all imported from Japan FUJI.
  • Low base misting/fog value
  • No need for processing machine, saving space for clinic.
  • Thinner film, more comfortable to customer 


  • Store in a dry and airy warehouse with room temperature below 10-25, relative humidity below 30-65%.
  • Away from heat source beyond 1m, ground beyond 30cm, and wall beyond 30cm.
  • Forbid storing with acid, alkali, harmful gas or radioactive material, and keep away from direct sunlig 


  • 1 bottle of x-ray monobath ( 250ml per bottle)
  • 100 films per pack : 1 pack of x-ray films


Normal Delivery : 3-5 Working Days (Usually delivered in 2-4 working days)
Urgent Delivery : 1-2 Working Days (Usually delivered overnight)
*delivery charges vary for both

Got some Question?

3 years 7 months ago

Wht is the real price of yes star???

E-Dental Mart
3 years 7 months ago

Pack of 100 films is for 3999 rupees.

2 years 2 months ago

Ismen liquid aor film dono included hain?

csr7 csr7
2 years 2 months ago

G dono include hain ismy

1 year 7 months ago

srf film mil skte ha?

csr7 csr7
1 year 7 months ago

Sorry full sets available


Additional Information

Weight 470 g

100 Films, Monobath, Complete set

2 reviews for Yes star self developing Xray Films

  1. Waqar

    I got my supplies delivered on time. Thanks to E-Dental Mart Team.

  2. Dr. Sumaira Nabeel

    Ordered for 2nd Time & received my order on Time as usual. Highly recommended to all for ordering genuine & affordable dental supplies in Pakistan.

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E-Dental Mart presents you the best ever Yes Star X-Ray Films. Dental x-ray films and monobath is used for dental x-ray diagnosis. Self-Developing X-Ray Films after regular development procedure. It shows tooth hard tissues such as enamel, dentin, cementum and periodontal tissue structures. E-Dental Mart provides you with the best products at amazing prices in best quality. We have all products needed in dentistry from best ever brands that are preferred by dentists. Find best deals on Yes Star Self Developing X-Ray Films on our online dental store. You can Buy Self Developing X-Ray Films Online in Pakistan without any hassle.

Features Of Yes Star Self Developing X-Ray Films

Yes star x-ray films are best because they are immediately developing and quickly acquire images. It provides convenience to dentists because there’s no need for a processing machine due to which it saves space for the clinic. The combination of yes star self-developing x-ray films with yes star monobath offers you increased imaging capability. It provides best working efficiency with fast imaging. Self-developing x-ray films are thinner which makes them comfortable for patients. They are designed to use without any dental processor which makes it cost and time effective. You can buy yes star self-developing x-ray films for high-quality imaging in no time from E-Dental Mart online.

Uses Of Self Developing X-Ray Films

Yes star x-ray film can be used in many situations of different emergencies. It can be used for surgery check, endodontic and implant procedures. Yes star self-developing x-ray films are perfect for mobile dentistry and nursing home dentistry. It can also be used in some military conditions and as a back for digital radiography.

Self-developing x-ray films are mostly used in day to day dental x-ray. It shows soft tissue structures like dental pulp and parodontium accurately.

Storage Of Yes Star Self Developing X-Ray Films

Yes star self-developing x-ray films should be stored in a dry and airy place with room temperature. Protect it from any acid, alkali, harmful gas, radioactive material or direct sunlight.