Zhivahex spray MD

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Expiry Date : jan-2026
Weight :  750ml

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Brand Name: Zhivahex
Feature: Sustainable. Eco-Friendly
Shape: Liquid
Functions: 99% Killing Germs, Anti-Bacterial
Usage: Hospitals, Schools, Hotel, Home, etc.

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Zhivahex Disinfectant

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Weight 750 g


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E-Dental Mart presents to you the best Zhiva hex disinfectant. We have the best range of disinfectants for your dental and medical equipment. You don’t have to worry about wondering here and there because we have the best economical solution of perfect cleaning disinfectant for all kinds of dental and surgical instruments. E-Dental Mart offers you the best products that are preferred by dentists and medical professionals all over Pakistan. Zhiva hex disinfectant spray is ready to use as a solution for fast disinfection of various alcohol resistant surfaces. Zhiva hex spray comes in handy with hardly accessible places in hospitals, health institutions as well as for disinfecting tools and different equipment. You can Buy Zhiva Hex Disinfectant Spray Online in Pakistan from none other than your most trusted online dental store.

Features Of Zhiva Hex Disinfectant

Zhiva hex disinfectant is an ideal solution for the cleaning of different surfaces and equipment. It comes in a bottle with easy to use spray. It can be used in different places with bacterial, mycobacterial and fungicidal activity. Zhiva hex disinfectant spray contains chlorhexidine digluconate and propanol solution that is free of aldehyde, phenol, quaternary ammonium compounds. It has a synergic and balanced composition of alcohol and chlorhexidine. It is compatible with alcohol resistant surfaces. The treated objects can be used right after spraying because of the aerosol form of preparation of this solution. Zhiva hex spray is one of the handiest disinfectants for easy and rapid cleaning of different objects and surfaces.

Uses Of Zhiva Hex Disinfectant

As a medical professional the biggest threat you face is working in a field with most potential to have infections. In order to keep your surrounding clean and equipment bacteria free zhiva hex disinfectant spray is perfect. You can easily use this spray for infection control in a medical setting. Zhiva hex disinfectant is made up of antibacterial solution that provides immediate disinfection of surfaces and various tools.