Alveogyl Hemostatic Surgical Dressing

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Europe’s #1 Alveogyl Hemostatic Surgical Dressing

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Alveogyl Surgical Hemostatic Gauze: Product Introduction

Oral surgery and other invasive procedures like periodontal therapy entail scrutiny to help the patient recover from the procedure and regain better tissue health.

A common problem encountered by dentists and oral surgeons is dry sockets. The socket from which the tooth was extracted is prone to reinfection or more problems with healing because its location is more accessible for bacteria growth.

If you are doing many oral surgical procedures, it would be best to have the Alveogyl hemostatic surgical dressing! The alveogyl hemostatic surgical dressing is a product with a fibrous consistency that is designed to be packed to the alveolar bone of the patient.

By using the dental hemostatic dressing, you get a better alternative to the tedious suturing of a socket. All you need to do is place this dressing in the socket of the patient to help alleviate post-operative pain and speed up the healing process.

Furthermore, the hemostatic gauze is indicated for patients with a history of dry sockets or socket infection and nonhealing. With this product, your patients will have a better healing process!


Hemostatic Dressing: Product Details

The hemostatic dressing from E-Dental Mart is a tub of 12 grams of surgical dressing product. This hemostatic surgical dressing is a useful material that will act as a post-extraction dressing that will cover a finished surgical site. It has a fibrous consistency that will easily adhere to tissues and exert its effects.


The Most Effective Dental Hemostatic Dressing For Wound Healing

Sometimes, patients have very unpredictable wound healing patterns. It depends on their overall health and immune system. As a dentist, you need to be prepared to handle all sorts of patient healings!

The Alveogyl hemostatic surgical dressing is proven to be one of the most effective products! Dry sockets are a condition where the alveolar bone does not heal well. With just leaving on the hemostatic dressing, you can have better healing for your extraction sites without the hassle of other difficult procedures.


A Hemostatic Surgical Dressing That is Easy-To-Use And Not Uncomfortable For The Patient

If you want to avoid difficulties in procedures, the alveogyl hemostatic surgical dressing is definitely for you. All you need to do is get an appropriate amount of the product and place it in the socket after cleaning the site.

Then, you do not need any more suturing. This is a one-step process that gives you the best healing results!

Plus, it is safe and comfortable for the patient. Using the hemostatic gauze will not give your patients any discomfort because it is designed to prevent them as it facilitates healing!


Buy Alveogyl Hemostatic Surgical Dressing in Pakistan from E-Dental Mart!

The hemostatic gauze is a product you need ready for any oral surgical procedures. Have on ready to help manage dry sockets!

Buy alveogyl hemostatic surgical dressing in Pakistan. All you need to do is have one shipped from E-Dental Mart.