Apexo Elevator

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Apexo Elevator: Product Introduction

Extraction of teeth is quite an unpredictable experience. Some patients will present a tooth with sufficient crown structure left but decayed, indicated for extraction. On the other hand, some would have purely root fragments waiting for you to extract them.

To perform your tooth extraction cases effectively, you need a wide range of armamentaria to fit all you need. You will need the apexo elevator for teeth that are badly broken down.

The curved apexo elevators are used in extracting teeth below the gum line, and severely damaged, or cracked root fragments.

They work perfectly to remove or at least loosen the root fragments inside the alveolar bone. Additionally, it avoids injury to the teeth and surrounding tissues. The apexo elevators can also be used when extracting small anterior teeth due to their design.

The apexo elevator can be used with a pair of forceps. As the periodontal ligaments are destroyed with the elevator, the tooth fragment can now be lifted up with forceps easily.


Curved Apexo Elevators: Product Details

The curved apexo elevators sets are sold in pairs of two instruments. One is designed for use on the left quadrants while the other is for the right. 

The design of the curved apexo elevators makes them perfect for the side of the patient that you are working on. Hence, it is great the E-Dental Mart has both ready for you!


Best Curved Apexo Elevators Set For Easy Removal of Root Fragments

The best curved apexo elevators set is dedicated to ensuring easy removal of root fragments. The apexo elevator has thin, sharp working ends that can easily tear the periodontal ligament to loosen the tooth structure from its anchorage to the alveolar bone.

Furthermore, the curved apexo elevators set has appropriately sized working tips. You can insert them apically to the site that you are working on and get the job done fast!


Ergonomic Design of the Curved Apexo Elevators For an Atraumatic Extraction

Another great thing about the curved apexo elevators is that their ergonomic design makes it easy for you and the patient!

The ergonomic design of the curved apexo elevators give you better leverage so that you can exert the needed amount for force. But the great deal with its design is that a large amount of force applied would still prevent harm to other structures in the mouth like soft tissues.


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