Apple Dental Hand Piece Oil

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Apple Dental Hand Piece Oil: Product Introduction

The dentist would always be pictured with their hand piece. The dental drill is indeed a useful dental instrument that is used in almost all procedures. Given the versatility of the dental hand piece, it is imperative that you should keep it clean and lubricated.

A well-cleaned dental hand piece means that you should also be taking care of its delicate inner mechanisms. And you can only do this with the apple dental hand piece oil!

The apple hand piece oil is a lubricating and cleaning oil designed for use in the hand piece. All you need to do is spray a few spritzes of the oil into your dental hand piece. Then, make the hand piece run with clean water for a few seconds to expel the oil and residues in your device.

With the apple dental hand piece oil, you can eliminate stuck debris in the dental drill. Also, it helps prevent rusting and corrosion inside the hand piece so that it can retain its best performance for as long as possible.

Any unit of dental hand piece can be used with the apple dental hand piece oil. With this combination, you can use your dental hand piece with orthodontic, restorative, endodontic, restorative, and all other necessary procedures.


Apple Hand Piece Oil: Product Details

The apple hand piece oil is sold in a capped spray bottle. Each purchase gives you 500 milliliters of the product. Furthermore, the packaging ensures you can dispense the oil directly into your hand piece ports.


Effective Cleansing and Lubrication with Hand Piece Oil for Apple Hand Piece

The hand piece oil for apple hand piece is always a go-to for the dental clinic! First, you get effective cleaning and lubrication. These are the two main purposes of using oil for the handpiece. 

Furthermore, the apple hand piece oil will ensure that it removes the debris without affecting the inner lines of the hand piece.


Top Quality Formulation of the Apple Hand Piece Oil + Compatible With All Hand Piece Units

Also, the apple hand piece oil is compatible with all dental hand piece units. Some older designs of hand piece may have four holes while recent designs now have two holes.

Use the product with any of these and ensure that they are clean and lubricated before use!


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