C Plus Files ( China )

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C Plus Files (Stainless Steel)

Place of origin : China
Application : Root Canal Treatment
Brand : E-Dental Mart
Length : 21mm, 25mm
Sizes : 6, 8, 10, 12.5, 15

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Weight 10 g

21mm, 25mm


6, 8, 10, 12.5, 15


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C Files are stainless steel endodontic files known for their very stiff property and cutting tips. This material comes in different color-coded sizes and millimeter markings for ease of use.



In endodontic treatment, you will undoubtedly encounter different anatomical variations of root canal systems. One of the problems you will encounter is the negotiation of calcified canals, significantly curves, or calcific stones. In these cases, your regular 10 or 15 files will not quickly drop at working length.

C Plus Files are the best endodontic files to help you achieve better negotiation on these canals. With minimal effort, you can utilize the cutting tips and rigid stainless steel flutes to help you go through various root canal systems and calcifications.



C+ Files from E-Dental Mart are very trusted in endodontic treatment. You can achieve your glide path even on narrow canals, partly calcific canals, or by-pass obstructions.

You can do all those things because C+ Files E-Dental Mart  has active cutting tips with stiff bodies. With this, they will not flex as much when they encounter calcifications. Moreover, you can easily cut dentin with these C Files.

Another advantage of C+ Files Taper is its vast choices of length and size. You can progressively use one size to the next.


WHY CHOOSE E-Dental Mart’s C+ FILES 

C Files are helpful endodontic files for your dental clinic. Since you will not always be sure about when you will encounter calcified canals or canal obstructions, keeping one at hand will save you lots of time.

Moreover, C Files are designed to help you simultaneously remove calcifications while cleaning dentin and biofilms. This is possible due to the files’ stiffness, which will not easily yield to the tooth structure.

Also, this product is easy to grip. With the handle design, you can easily maneuver inside the canal with controlled movements.

You can check out these files at E-Dental Mart to buy C+ Files online in Pakistan.