Columbia Cheek Retractor

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Product Description

Brand Name: E-Dental Mart

Name: Cheek Retractor

Usage: Professional Dental Use

material : high grade medical plastic

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Most painful job of a dentist while performing endodontic procedures is to keep the patient’s mouth open. Dentists try to get access to a wide enough area so that a procedure can be performed smoothly. Even if the patient is sedated it is hard to hold someone’s mouth open wide enough for easy access. But don’t worry anymore because E-Dental Mart is the trusted store for solving all of your dental products related problems. We bring you this amazing, innovative, great device, cheek retractor. This dental cheek retractor is used to hold cheeks apart providing access to the oral cavity for procedures. Cheek retractors are exactly what you need to perform endodontic procedures with comfort. Buy online this great quality cheek retractor. It is available in our store in Pakistan for you to buy online in easy steps and at a reasonable price.  

Specifications Of Cheek Retractor Available On E-Dental Mart

E-Dental Mart has the best quality amazing product to fulfill all your dental needs. Look at this amazing set of cheek retractors. We have these best quality cheek retractors made up of high grad medical plastic. You can buy a complete set of 18 pieces. There are different types of cheek retractors available in this set. We have this big variety of cheek retractors you can easily buy online.

If you buy this set of 18 cheek retractors you can use them in different procedures. Buying a complete set is always better than buying because you can conveniently choose different retractors needed for the type of procedure. All of these cheek retractors are designed to provide comfort to patients and increase workspace. They are made up of such material that can be sterilized which makes them durable.

Uses Of Cheek Retractor

If you are buying this amazing set of cheek retractors you should know there are different retractors available for cheek, lips, and tongue. The retractors are used to hold any certain part of the mouth to increase working area. Since cotton rolls can cause gag reflex, these cheek retractors keep the open cheek wide enough to access to the oral cavity with ease. These retractors are completely safe and comfortable to use for patients. Dentists use this device in so many dental procedures ranging from surgical implant to cosmetic teeth whitening. Cheek retraction systems are a great way to keep your mouth open for long time procedures.