Composite Wetting Resin ( Ultradent)

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1.2ml Syringe & 2 tips
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Composite Wetting Resin is a 45% filled,1 light-cured, liquid resin. Use Composite Wetting Resin during incremental layering of composite use materials. We recommend it to be used when the oxygen-inhibited layer has been removed or disturbed (e.g., washing the composite surface following contamination). Composite Wetting Resin may be placed on the composite surface if it has become dry while contouring composite. Use Composite Wetting Resin on an instrument or brush to enhance glide. Composite Wetting Resin greatly facilitates adaptation of the composite restoration and preparation.

  • Facilitates composite adaptation
  • Moistens dry composite during contouring
  • Helps maintain the integrity of the composite
  • Generally less expensive than using a bonding agent as a modeling liquid
  • Use with Inspiral™ Brush Tip
  • Certified gluten free



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