Disposable Surgical Medical Gown

PKR  199PKR  399

Colors available: light blue, dark blue, white.

Thickness of fabric : 75 GSM. (MASTER)

with comfortable band elastics at wrist.

Large: 46 inches length
medium: 43 inches length

Product Specifications

Premium Quality Disposable Surgical Medical Gown
Specifications Material : 100% Virgin Master’s Non Woven Polypropylene Fabric (Stamped)
Thickness : 40 , 75 GSM (Stamped)
Size : Regular & Large
Color : White, Dark Blue, Light Blue
Washable : Yes (5-10 times minimum.)
Water-repellent : Yes
Elasticated Wrists : Rib Elastic is stitched with each arm’s wrist for comfort



Medical gowns are FDA approved personal protective garment surgeons and other health professionals wear in hospitals. They provide a protective fence for doctors and patients from infection. Most health professionals use disposable medical gowns in OTs during surgeries to achieve maximum sterilization. These gowns not only prevent cross-infection but also keep doctors safe from tear, abrasion or contact with fluid. E-Dental brings to you an amazing range of these perfectly designed surgical gowns for operative use. You can buy disposable surgical medical gowns online in Pakistan with ease. Surgical gowns are the most important attire for health professionals. It protects them from getting any kind of contact with bacteria or infections. We provide you with the best quality disposable medical gown made from high quality fabric that would ensure maximum protection.

Features Of Disposable Medical Gowns

When you are selecting medical gowns it is necessary to know the identifications of a good quality gown. E-Dental Mart is the most trusted and preferred store by health professionals. We always provide you with the best quality product. To achieve maximum benefit, disposable medical gowns available on our store are made up of non-woven polypropylene fabric which ensures protection from splashes or spray of blood or body fluid. Disposable medical gowns come with elasticated wrists design which provides comfort and ease to professionals while performing any procedures.

Apart from providing best quality care towards infection and other harmful substances, disposable medical gowns on E-Dental Mart come in cool shades of blue color. These gowns are available in different sizes to fit every personnel perfectly. Loose or unnecessarily fitted gown would make the wearer uncomfortable. We provide you different sizes you can choose from easily.

Benefits Of A Surgical Gown

Wearing a surgical gown is beneficial for health professionals. It gives doctors a sense of comfort so they can easily treat all kinds of patients with any kind of problem. These gowns provide protection by creating a shield of impermeable clothing. Due to this doctors can easily examine any part of a human’s body. Most important benefit of surgical gown is that they prevent spread of infections through infected body fluids. They also don’t let bacteria or viruses pass the protective barrier which prevents doctors and patients from getting exposed to unnecessary disease.

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