Fiber Posts

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Packaging Include : 4 Drills , 20 Fiber Post
Color : Yellow , Red ,Blue, Black

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Fiber Posts All Color



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Single Pack, 3 Packs (3 x Rs 1279)


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Polishing Paste i-Dental: Product Introduction

Patients will need procedures that entail a clean working field. You need to make sure that plaque and food debris are removed from the tooth surfaces prior to procedures like restorations, cementation, bonding orthodontic brackets, and lots more.

You can make this easier with the polishing paste i-dental. This is a kind of prophylaxis paste that are among the most frequently used dental supplies and is used to polish patients’ teeth during routine prophy appointments. 

These pastes are sold in single-use cups. Therefore, you can have a hygienic amount ready for use for each patient and prevents cross contaminations. The polishing paste i-dental has a combination of grits, and tastes, to provide you with the polishing strength required.

You can use the polishing paste i-dental with a low-speed rotary rubber cup or prophy brush. Furthermore, you can ask your patient to rinse afterward to further spit out the unneeded debris.

Fortunately, the polishing paste i-dental comes in different flavors and helps your patient have a pleasant time with the product.


Best Polishing Paste by i-Dental: Product Details

The best polishing paste by i-dental is here at E-Dental Mart. These are sold in individual single-use cups. Each cup has around two grams of the product, which is perfect for one use. The flavors are medium orange, fine apple, and coarse mint. Each of these corresponds to a certain grit and texture.


Effect in Removing Plaque and Other Debris with the Polishing Paste i-Dental

Make sure that you remove plaque and other debris from the surfaces of teeth with the polishing paste i-dental. This product is made with the best combination of materials that gives it the texture needed to clean tooth surfaces.

Furthermore, the product is compatible with any rotary instrument. You can use it best with a slow-speed handpiece and rubber cup. The abrasiveness of the polishing paste i-dental will do all the work for you!


Many Flavors of the Best Polishing Paste by i-Dental To Choose From

Also, you have a lot of flavors to choose from! These flavors are also a determinant of the texture of the paste that you will use. Generally, the coarse polishing paste is preferred when you see tough plaque deposits. On the other hand, fine grit is better when there is only minimal debris to flake off.

Y0ucan choose the flavor easily as they are color-coded in each single-use pack.


Buy Polishing Paste by i-Dental Online in Pakistan from E-Dental Mart!

Buy polishing paste by i-dental online in Pakistan! How then? By purchasing the item from E-Dental Mart, you can have it brought to you!

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