Flat Tip Bend Coupland Elevator

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Coupland 0.5, Coupland 1, Coupland 2, Coupland 3


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Flat Tip Bend Coupland Elevator: Product Introduction

Tooth extraction is a common dental procedure in the dental clinic. You need to have the appropriate set of instruments with you to make your procedure easier and less troublesome for the patient.

However, there exist lots of options for tooth extractions. Still, all of these instruments depend on the dentist’s capacity to loosen the tooth root from the periodontal ligaments. The attachment to the socket varies per tooth and extent of the tooth decay.

If you encounter difficulty extracting cases, you might want to use the flat tip bend Coupland elevator. This product is an elevator that is best used with different forceps.

But on its own, the flat tip Coupland elevator can work well by loosening the tooth from its periodontal attachment. The elevator can be inserted between the roots and the periodontal ligament and elevate the tooth with a slow rocking motion.

The premium flat tip bend Coupland elevator is effective for any root anatomy and tooth quadrant!


Premium Flat Tip Bend Coupland Elevator: Product Details

At E-Dental Mart, you can get your own set of affordable flat tip bend Coupland elevator in Pakistan. In this store, you get elevators in sizes named 0.5, 1, 2, and 3. Each of these has increasing sizes of the tip that you can choose from to fit the tooth you are working on.


Affordable Flat Tip Bend Coupland Elevator in Pakistan And Top Quality Design

The premium flat tip bend Coupland elevator is indeed an affordable option. Plus, its top-quality design can make it easier for you to extract teeth as atraumatic as possible!

The best flat tip bend Coupland elevator is made with high-quality stainless steel. With this, the small-sized tip can also exert a high amount of force onto the root of the tooth.

Similarly, the build quality gives you an ergonomic design. The premium flat tip bend Coupland elevator has a huge handle for you to grip on. This helps you exert the needed amount of force for tooth extractions.


Best Flat tip Bend Coupland Elevator: Autoclavable and Different Sizes to Choose From

The best flat tip bend Coupland elevator can be autoclaved. So, in every use, you get a sterile instrument. Plus, the size options make it easier to slide it into different root anatomies.

Use the smaller option for slimmer roots like the mandibular incisors. In contrast, use the larger tips on molars. The options of the best flat tip Coupland elevator make it more effective and efficient in your procedure. 


Buy Flat Tip Bend Coupland Elevators Online in Pakistan from E-Dental Mart!

If you do a lot of tooth extractions, you need this instrument! Buy flat tip bend Coupland elevators online in Pakistan today.

All you need to do is get this from E-Dental Mart! Enjoy great deals, lots of options, and quick shipping.