Fluoride Solution

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Sodium Fluoride Solution: Product Introduction

Patients need to keep their teeth strong and healthy. Aside from their diet, oral hygiene plays a critical factor that dictates the prognosis of their teeth.

A very good substance to combat tooth decay is fluoride. The right amount of fluoride is applied to the teeth’ surface to strengthen the enamel. So, you need to buy sodium fluoride solution to help your patients prevent tooth decay!

The sodium fluoride solution is a liquid solution containing 1% sodium fluoride. This solution is designed to be used professionally because of the intensity of the concentration of fluoride.

With the aqueous sodium fluoride solution, patients can have more exposure to fluoride. This is an adjunct that is used for patients who are at high risk of tooth decay. Sometimes, patients with xerostomia, undergoing chemotherapy, or other underlying medical conditions have more risk.

So, it would be best if you guided your patients to use the sodium fluoride solution. You must use the product as a mouth rinse and instruct the patient to spit out after and avoid swallowing the solution.

Aqueous Sodium Fluoride Solution: Product Details

At E-Dental Mart, you can buy sodium fluoride solution. It comes in a sealed glass bottle containing 20ml of 1% sodium fluoride. It is primarily for professional use so that patients are guided well on the appropriate use of the solution.


Medical Quality Sodium Fluoride Cavity Protection Solution

So, what makes the aqueous sodium fluoride solution stand out from other fluoride-containing products? As we all know, fluoride is present in toothpaste, mouth rinse, and other topically applied solution.

The sodium fluoride cavity protection solution is a product that has a medical-grade quality. With the solution, you are guaranteed that your patients will get the level of protection they need. 

The aqueous sodium fluoride solution is more beneficial to patients with many existing cavities. The quality of the solution is helpful to ensure that patients get the results needed without unwanted side effects like allergic reactions.


Buy Sodium Fluoride Solution For Effective Prevention of Tooth Decay

The aqueous sodium fluoride solution is effective for preventing further decay of teeth. You can use the solution whenever your patients come for an appointment. 

In an appointment, you can work on the restorations or extractions needed by the patient. Plus, give them the sodium fluoride cavity protection solution as an added level of prevention.



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