Glass Ionomer Filling Cement Type 2 (i-dental)

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package includes 10g powder A2, 10g powder A3, 2 x 7.5  liquid, measuring scoop, mixing pad.
Expiry Date: July-2027
Made in Europe.

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complete pack, Liquid 6gram

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Glass Ionomer Cement: Product Introduction

Restoring a tooth with a cavity leaves the dentist with all sorts of materials to choose from. As a healthcare professional, the dentist is tasked to select the most appropriate material to ensure that the patient will have a good prognosis with the filled tooth. 

Check out the glass ionomer cement! You can buy glass ionomer cement type 2 from E-Dental Mart if you want this high-quality filling material.

Glass ionomer cement is a versatile direct restorative material of choice. In contrast to other dental materials, this product is less invasive and set by itself. All you need to do is mix the appropriate liquid-to-powder ratio, and you are ready to pack it in the prepared tooth cavity. 

The glass ionomer filling cement is indicated for patients with primary teeth, needs the fluoride-releasing capability, and areas where the composite is not indicated.

Glass ionomer cement is often substituted when composite cannot be used. When you cannot isolate a tooth cavity from saliva and oral fluids, you will use glass ionomer cement instead because this material is not moisture sensitive. Expect to reach for the glass ionomer cement on cervical lesions or root cavities.


Glass Ionomer Filling Cement: Product Details

The glass ionomer filling cement comes with two components. The powder is packaged in 10 grams. You get shades A2 and A3. Moreover, you get 7.5 ml of liquid, a measuring scoop, and a mixing pad.

The product consists of all the items you need to mix the glass ionomer filling cement.


Maximize Patient Benefits With Glass Ionomer Filling Cement With Fluoride Releasing Effect

Your patients would benefit from having small to moderate-sized cavities with glass ionomer cement. A property of this material that others do not possess is the ability for fluoride release.

When the glass ionomer filling cement is fully set, it releases fluoride constantly. Therefore, the teeth will have better resistance to secondary decay.

Moreover, this product is easy to use. After using the whole kit to mix the product, you just need to pack it in the cavity. No more invasive procedures or extra steps as the material sets independently.


Buy Glass Ionomer Cement Type 2 For Best Quality Restorations

Glass ionomer cement has physical properties which are on par with other long-term direct restorations. The cement bonds chemically to the tooth structure and ensure that it has a tight seal when placed in the tooth. 

Furthermore, you get high compressive strength, allowing the restoration to withstand occlusal forces inside the oral cavity.


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