Glass Ionomer FX Ultra (shofu)

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Shofu Hy Bond Glass Ionomer FX Ultra

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Dr usama
2 years 13 days ago

Is it 15g powder or 10g ?

csr7 csr7
2 years 13 days ago

Yes it’s 15g powder sir


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Weight 200 g


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Hy Bond Glass Ionomer FX Ultra Shofu is a self-adhering restorative material. This product is composed of powder and liquid bottles. Once correctly mixed, you can place this in cavity preparations as a bulk-filling glass ionomer material. With this product, you can achieve esthetics, high caries resistance, and restores the tooth’s function.



When having to fill teeth, you have a wide range of restorative materials to choose from. You should select the most appropriate material based on the size and location of the cavity, the amount of occlusal load, and the need for esthetics.

Shofu Glass Ionomer is one of the restorative materials that you should always consider. You can use this to fill cavities. Moreover, this product is mainly used when the tooth cannot be isolated for a composite filling. 

The fluoride-releasing capability of this product can help prevent recurrent caries when you restore teeth.



Shofu Glass Ionomer is a very stable, strong, and fluoride-rich restorative material. This is possible because of the outstanding properties of this product.

First, the product has excellent translucency. This is very important in the shade matching on areas where esthetics is a big concern. Moreover, this product can withstand occlusal load on the posterior teeth.

The Shofu Glass Ionomer can be placed on posterior teeth due to increased mechanical properties. In addition, this product has low solubility to oral fluids and is less susceptible to erosion if exposed to acids.

Probably the most beneficial property of the Shofu Glass Ionomer is its ability to release and recharge fluoride. With Shofu Glass Ionomer, you can prevent recurrent caries and maintain the integrity of the tooth. This makes it indicated to patients with poor oral hygiene or very acid oral cavities.



The Shofu Glass Ionomer is an ideal restorative material. You will benefit from this product since it is easy to mix and pack, have fluoride-release, has superior durability, and excellent esthetics.

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