Glassy Cem Varnish

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Glassy Cem Varnish: Product Introduction

The vast choices of restorative materials can be overwhelming. But, with the knowledge and experience with these materials, you can surely master their use in no time!

One of the versatile products for tooth restorations is glass ionomer cement. This is primarily indicated for pediatric patients because they will benefit a lot from the fluoride-releasing capacity of the material.

Furthermore, glass ionomer cement is practical and easy to use. Unlike other restorative materials, glass ionomer cement does not need technical tooth preparation. Hence, it is very quick to put in and would take much less time. Talk about comfort for the patient!

But the glass ionomer cement has a disadvantage: it does not set fully after the appointment. You need to protect the restoration with the glassy cem varnish to make sure that it can be at its top quality for the patients.

All you need to do is apply a thin coat of the original glassy cem varnish over a completed glass ionomer restorations. This locks in the restoration, keep it free from harm and will last long enough until the material sets fully.


Original Glassy Cem Varnish: Product Details

At E-Dental Mart, you can get the original glassy cem varnish! This is a product that comes with 5 milliliters of the product. No more mixing, as the product is ready for application straight from the packaging! 


Compatible and Effective in Sealing Glass Ionomer Fillings: Original Glassy Cem Varnish

The glassy cem varnish has two main purposes for glass ionomer restoration. It will seal the surface of the glass ionomer restorations. Then, it will also protect it against dehydration and moisture.

The combination of these two will help your glass ionomer restoration achieve its best physical properties as it is inside the mouth under stress from function and mastication.

Use the original glassy cem varnish on any glass ionomer cement brand. This will not cause any unwanted reactions of incompatibilities as the glassy cem varnish are made with the best chemical composition for the task.


Easy To Use And Adequate Working Time With The Glassy Cem Varnish

Another great feature of the glassy cem varnish is that it is very easy to use. All you need to do is dispense it into a small container and use a clean micro brush to lightly place it on top of a glass ionomer restoration.

No more hassle with mixing or quick setting time with the original glassy sem varnish!


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