Hollen Beck Carver

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Premium Hollen beck Carver

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Hollen back carver is a double-ended instrument used in contouring and carving amalgam restorations.



To recreate the best anatomical features of your amalgam restorations, you need to use the appropriate dental instruments. The Hollen back instrument will help you with this task.

You can use the Hollen back instrument in placing and carving your amalgam in the cavity before the filling material sets. Moreover, this product can also help you produce a pre-burnished amalgam surface to be as smooth as a polished restoration.



The Hollen back instrument is composed of a high-class metal material that is very sturdy and corrosion-resistant. You can expect this product to have high strength fit for applying some pressure when used.

Also, the Hollen back carver is double-ended. You can maximize the use of one instrument since you get two different tip designs. Each design is specific for certain purposes, and you can indeed find one you are most comfortable with.

If you are looking for different coatings on a carver, the Hollen back instrument will be for you. This fantastic product comes in three other tip coatings – the silver, golden, or plasma coat. This protective coat can help prevent your instrument from inadvertently sticking to the filling material before it sets. This gives you comfort and convenience in use.

Lastly, this product can be easily sterilized. Therefore, infection control is maximized, and you can use the instrument on many different patients.



Carving restorative materials intraorally can be quite challenging. Access and sharpness of the material will always be a common difficulty. But, with the Hollen back instrument, you can easily do this task. The tip designs of this instrument will guide you in producing the best anatomical configuration of your restorations.

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