Interproximal Reduction kit (IPR Kit)

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Hello Sir. IPR kit is available in your stock ???

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It’s not available in stock this time but it will available in coming month



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Interproximal reduction is the process of mechanically enamel from between the teeth to achieve dental ends or correcting crowding or to remove black triangles in anterior teeth. If you want to buy tools used in interproximal reduction then buy this interproximal reduction kitIPR dental kit is a basic need for all dental clinics and facilities. Best IPR kit is designed in a way to be cost-effective and user-oriented. E-Dental Mart provides dental instruments at the most reasonable prices. You can easily buy interproximal reduction kits in Pakistan from our online store. This kit contains all necessary instruments used in interproximal reduction procedures.

Contents And Features Of Interproximal Reduction Kit

IPR kit has all the specific tools for interproximal reduction. Interproximal reduction kit has a reciprocating handpiece which is used for mechanical seating of restorations during cementation. It also has strip stands with five holes for holding strips. Interproximal strip gauge that provides the right amount of stripping with labeled dimensions. And finally one chuck key. It has uniquely designed slow speed handpiece and other tools for IPR. All tools available in the IPR kit are autoclavable and easy to use.

Uses And Indications of Interproximal reduction

 Process of interproximal reduction is used for several procedures like creating space to improve tooth alignment. It helps to improve occlusion. This also helps to increase the stability of teeth for long term retaining of their position. IPR also helps to reduce black triangles between the teeth. It can be used to treat relapsed crowding. Basically interproximal reduction is used to treat malocclusions where extraction is not necessary. Black triangles which happen because of the absence of gingival papilla are also reduced by IPR. Stripping is advisable to realign anterior teeth without labial tipping. It is also used for cosmetic recontouring of the canines to mimic lateral incisors.