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Napkin Rack: Product Introduction

You will surely be using a lot of disposable products in your dental clinic. These disposable products are essential because they are convenient, easy to use, and help maintain the cleanliness of your clinic.

The most commonly used disposables in the clinic are napkins and bibs. And sometimes, it would be tedious to constantly look for them. 

Get your napkins and bibs in one convenient place with the napkin rack! The best napkin bib rack is a product that will hold your disposables so that when you need one, you can easily grab one without any hassle!

The bib rack is a tall plastic container that would fit folded bibs and napkins.


Napkin and Bibs Holding Rack: Product Details

The napkin and bibs holding rack is a clear plastic holder. It has a slot in one side where you can easily grab a napkin and bib for use. The bib rack is also in dimensions that are appropriate for folded bibs and large napkins.

In the dental clinic, you can put this in numerous areas like the dental chair, countertops, and center tables for easy access.


Versatile and the Best Napkin Bib Rack Perfect For Any Use

For any use, you need to have the best napkin and bib rack ready. This product is versatile because you can put here any brand of napkin and bib. 

Furthermore, if you are the type of dentist who uses a lot of these disposables, the bib rack is sure to make your life easier.


Easy-to-Use, Sturdy, and Clean Bib Rack For Your Dental Clinic

The bib rack is also easy to use. You can easily stack your napkin and bibs because of the opening it has on one side. Then, you can get your bibs and napkins from the napkin rack given the same opening.

Also, the bib rack is made with high-quality plastic. You are sure that the product is sturdy and will not break easily. The napkin and bibs holding rack is also capable of withstanding impacts if you suddenly hit it or make it fall to the ground.

Furthermore, since the bib rack is made with top-notch quality, you can also use it with disinfecting solutions. Disposables should be maintained clean. Hence, before refilling it, you can use a chemical disinfecting solution to clean it prior to new use.


Buy Napkin Bibs Rack Online in Pakistan from E-Dental Mart!

What are you waiting for? Get your disposables ready and more organized with the napkin and bib holding rack. 

Buy napkin and bibs rack online in Pakistan. All you need to do is check them out on E-Dental Mart. This is an online store where you can get the best products for your clinic. Get the today and enjoy great deals and options!