Omni matrix band Winged

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1 x Omni Matrix Band

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The Omni-Matrix disposable retainer and matrix is a superior circumferential matrix band solution. It’s a simple restorative tool designed to perfectly customize to any preparation. The band’s circumference can be easily adjusted simply by twisting the handle, and the pivoting head allows it to access any quadrant of the mouth. Once the restoration is complete, the Omni-Matrix band easily releases without disturbing the restorative material.

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Ultra-thin burnishable stainless steel adapts to all preparations1
  • Unique winged and wingless styles meet individual case needs
  • Disposable design saves you time and money
  • Available in stainless steel and mylar

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Universal 6.5 mm .001" SS, Universal 6.5 mm .0015" SS, Narrow 5.2 mm .0015" SS, Universal 6.5 mm .0025" Mylar


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