Open Coil Spring Reel

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An open coil spring is a precisely wound spring that activates upon compression, delivering a net pushing force in two directions away from its center. Designed for optimal performance, these springs are ideal for applications requiring reliable and efficient compression mechanisms.

Name: Open Coil Spring
Material: NITI
Length: 180mm
Type: Orthodontic Materials

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Open coil spring is a wound spring which is activated by compression and exerts a net pushing force. Open coil springs are mainly used for opening spaces to crowding or for distalization of the molars. It can be easily inserted with the help of ligature and doesn’t need any wire tucker which can compromise the quality of ligation. E-Dental Mart has a range of highest quality nickel titanium open coil strings at most inexpensive rates. Open coil springs are manufactured by highest quality metal alloys. They are best for the patients of crowding. Buy open coil spring online from most trustworthy online stores of Pakistan. 

Efficient Method Of Open Coil Insertion

Insertion of open coil spring is tricky and may require assistance. An easy and efficient method of open coil spring insertion without any use of armamentarium is firstly you insert coil of adequate length to arch wire and tie ligature wire on the bracket of tooth on one side of the open coil spring. Second step is to engage an elastomeric ligature into the other end of the open coil spring. Now stretch elastomeric ligature towards the adjacent tooth with Mathieu’s needle holder. 

Key Specifications Of Open Coil Insertion

Open coil stainless springs are made in such a way that it provides very light and continuous force to open spaces to accommodate certain teeth. Open coil spring comes in handy to perform force applying procedures to create space or distalization of molars. Using nickel titanium open coil spring for gaining sufficient arch length is a quite established method in day to day orthodontics.