Pulpotec (PD)

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Pulpotec PD: Product Introduction

The pulp of primary and permanent teeth holds the nerves and blood vessels that ensure the vitality of teeth. You must make sure that you take care of the pulp to avoid the death of the toot. Unfortunately, there are instances where this cannot be preserved anymore due to pulpitis. 

The purpose of the pulpotomy operation is to help preserve and cure the tooth by treating the root canal. This surgery is primarily recommended when primary teeth still have healthy pulp but require care due to symptoms like discomfort.

A pulpotomy filling paste called Pulpotec paste is used to quickly and effectively treat both permanent and deciduous molars. Pharmacological constituents in the Pulpotec paste are used to assure aseptic therapy, stimulate cicatrization of the pulpal stump at the chamber-canal interface, and preserve the underlying pulp’s structural integrity. 

A radio graphic file created based on the outcomes of more than 300 pulpotomies carried out with Pulpotec PD. It is tracked for intervals of three to thirteen years and provides evidence of the effectiveness and characteristics of the drug.


PD Pulpotec Root Canal filling Material: Product Details

E-Dental Mart sells liquid and powder for pulpotomy treatment. The PD pulpotomy root canal filling material can be used by mixing these two bottled components.

You will receive 15 grams of the powder and 15 milliliters of the liquid with each box you purchase. To make precise measurements, use the powder pouring scoop. The liquid also comes in an accessible dropper vial.

Utilize a mixing pad to mix the pulpotomy treatment and discard it after each usage.


Get Effective And Safe Outcomes with the PD  Pulpotec Pulp Devitalization Paste

Of course, you need only the best and most proven materials for your clinic. The PD pulpotec pulp devitalization paste is an effective paste material for teeth diagnoses with pulpal problems.

The PD pulpotec pulp devitalization paste will ensure that the pulp will stop succumbing to microorganisms and will facilitate the healing of the soft and hard tissues adjacent to the affected tooth.


Easy to Use and Biocompatible PD Pulpotec Root Canal Paste

Make your procedures easier with the PD pulpotec root canal paste. The root canal paste can be mixed easily, given the correct partition of liquid and powder.

Furthermore, the consistency of the PD pulpotec root canal paste can be easily manipulated. With your hand instruments, you can easily pack them in deep cavity chambers without any problems.


Buy Pulpotec Root Canal Filling Paste Online in Pakistan from E-Dental Mart!

Pulpotomy therapy can help you save your teeth! Today, you may buy pulpotec root canal filling paste online in Pakistan. With the aid of this product, you can promote healing in the tooth’s root canal and stop additional harm. This would assist in keeping the patient’s teeth for longer functional life and fewer symptoms.

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