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Soft Plaster: Product Introduction

You get a lot of options for dental gypsum products. These come in their powdered form. Once you mix it with water, you will get a material that will set into a very rigid stone. This is perfect for your casts, investing, and lots more.

But since there is a lot to choose from, leaning towards the hardest material is not always the most prudent option. You can choose soft plaster for some dental uses.

Soft plaster is a manufactured hemihydrate plaster and this is made from gypsum mineral, which occurs naturally. The product has an off-white color once fully set. 

One of the uses of soft dental plaster is during denture and acrylic processing. When making dentures by the flasking process, you can use the soft plaster as an investing material that is very easy to divest.

Furthermore, it can be combined with dental stone plasters to create working denture models, bleaching tray models, and model bases for models.

The soft dental plaster has a wide range of uses in dentistry and it is up to the creativity, versatility, and technique of the dentist to maximize the use of this gypsum product.


Soft Dental Plaster: Product Details

The soft dental plaster sold at E-Dental Mart comes in packaged form. You will get it in powder which you will mix to your desired consistency. 


Versatile Soft Plaster Fit For Many Dental Uses

The main benefit of having a soft dental plaster in your dental clinic is its versatility. Its consistency and hardness, once set, make it perfect for many uses.

You can use the soft dental plaster as an investing material in both denture processing and metal coping processing. Furthermore, the gypsum product can be used to pour casts which do not require much strength. This includes diagnostic casts from preliminary impressions.

Soft plaster can be used for mounting as well. You can mount casts onto articulators using this product.


Best Consistency and Easy to Mix Soft Dental Plaster

Soft dental plaster can be easily mixed and used. All you need to do is put one part water and two parts powder using the specialized scoop. You can also modify the consistency of your mix by changing the ratio.

The soft plaster has an easy consistency to work with. You can easily pour it into all kinds of impression materials. Furthermore, you can sculpt it as needed when investing or mounting on articulators. 


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