Steel Tie (Ligature)

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Premium Quality Steel Tie Ligatures in Pakistan

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In endodontic surgery ligation is the method of tying archwire within the bracket. It helps in fixing brackets to wire and in movements of teeth. Ligatures are made up of different kinds of materials like plastic, metal, steel etc. E-Dental Mart brings you a range of prime quality steel ties available onlineSteel tie ligation method is a universally accepted most preferable ligation method in dentistry. Stainless steel dental ties have so many intrinsic qualities. These steel tie ligatures are cheap and robust. These ties are made from most durable material. They cannot be deformed or degraded because they are made from stainless corrosion-free steel. Buy the best steel tie for braces which do not get destroyed and help in easy movement of braces. You can easily buy steel ties online in Pakistan at a reasonable price.

Uses Of Steel Tie Ligature

dental steel tie ligature serves an important purpose. It helps to retain the archwire in the place which helps to increase movement of the tooth. The way ligatures are tied affects the tooth movement. Steel dental ties are used to tightly place brackets which allows comfortable movement.

Dental steel tie ligature allows ligation of archwire at a distance from the bracket. This method of ligation is important for irregular teeth. Some appliances employ high forces from archwire so it is hard for them to completely engage with irregular teeth. But with distant ligation of steel tie ligatures it is possible for the complete engagement and better shaping of irregular teeth.

Features Of Steel Tie Ligature

Steel tie ligatures are made with perfect quality stainless steel. These are most preferable because they are cheap and strong. These steel tie ligatures are manufactured with such quality material that can’t be ruined or corroded by contact with moist surfaces. Buy these dental steel ties that help teeth move faster than conventional ligatures from E-Dental Mart.