Temporary Filling Material (i-pro)

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Weight : 38g
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Weight : 38g

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Temporary Filling Material iPro: Product Introduction

Endodontic treatment can take multiple appointments. During the first appointment, you need to make an access preparation so that you can start with the whole process. However, since some teeth take a lot longer than others because of the complexity of the procedure, you may need to schedule multiple appointments to complete the entire process.

You cannot let the patient leave the clinic without a temporary filling material iPro. The access preparation is a massive opening to the root canal system of the tooth that you are working on. If you leave the access preparation open without a temporary filling cement iPro, you risk the patient a lot of consequences.

The temporary root canal filling crème paste is a material that is ready to use. All you need to do is get an appropriate amount from the packaging and pack it into the chamber of the tooth. After around 30 minutes, the patient can now bite over the tooth with the temporary filling cement.

Temporary teeth filling is a fantastic product because it ensures that the root canal treatment can be successful. It will protect the tooth and root canal system from harm when you let the patient go home after an appointment.


Temporary Teeth Filling iPro: Product Details

Buy temporary teeth filling material from E-Dental Mart. You can get the product in a tub filled with ready-to-use products. You can easily scoop out what you need and pack it without any prior mixing needed. 


Buy Temporary Teeth Filling Material For Its Best Quality For Endodontic Treatment

Temporary filling cement is a great product to always have in your dental clinic. This has the best quality. First, it saves you the hassle of mixing material. It also sets ready as long as you give it some time to settle into the oral cavity.

Usually, you can instruct the patient to wait for at least 30 minutes before you give them the go signal to eat and bite over the tooth with the temporary root canal filling material.

Furthermore, the material can produce a great seal. Expect that there is minimal to no microleakage as your patient waits for their next appointment to finish the root canal treatment and put a final restoration.


Compatible, Versatile, and Widely Used Temporary Root Canal Filling Material

Another great thing with the temporary root canal filling material is its compatibility. It can be used with enamel and dentin. Plus, you would not have problems with the risks of allergic reactions because the temporary teeth filling is perfectly safe!


Buy Temporary Filling Material Online in Pakistan from E-Dental Mart!

What are you waiting for? If you always do root canal treatment, then you need to buy temporary filling material online in Pakistan! E-Dental Mart is a virtual dental store that has exactly what you need. Plus, it has great deals and quick shipping.