Cow Horn Forcep (Upper)

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Premium Cow Horn Forcep


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Cow horn forceps are also known as Furcation-pattern forceps. It’s a paired Instrument used in oral surgery for the lower molar’s extraction. The parts of cow horn extraction forcep include a hinge, handle and enhanced pointed beaks. Particularly these forceps are useful for severely decayed mandibular molars. Its beaks are sharply pointed which is used to get deeper into the furcation. This is the best Cow Horn Extraction Forceps because of its reliable, modern design and superior performance which comes with ergo grip to increase comfort and control. Best quality cow horn forceps are now available in Pakistan on E-Dental Mart’s online store. 

Components and Qualities of Cow Horn Forceps

The components of cow horn forceps are handles which are made of adequate size, hinge is the part from where the forceps rotate and the working end which is called beaks in cow horn forceps which have pointed ends. The inner side of bifurcations has serrations to hold and grip. Cow horn forceps are made up of best quality metal. It’s hard, corrosion free and has a tensile strength. It can be sterilized and comes with a light weight which is made with the right ergonomics. 

Why Trust E-Dental Mart Online Store

E-Dental Mart is the trusted online marketplace to buy cow horn forceps online in Pakistan. We make finest quality dental products which are reliable for the customer at the most favorable prices. We are known for providing premium quality tools and equipment made of stainless steel. All the equipment is made of fine metal which are also autoclavable. This makes us the most trusted manufacturer in Pakistan.  Get the finest quality products without any hassle and easy delivery. Order now to book your products from E-dental mart