Water Flosser

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Packaging Includes:
Main Body, Reservoir, 5 Jet Tips
Power : 5W
Adaptor: DC5V, 1A
Reservoir: 230ml
Pressure Range: 30~110psi
Pulse Rate: 1400~1800 times/min
Modes: Normal, Soft, Pulse
Battery: 1400mAh Lithium Battery

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Product Description

Water Flosser is a dental adjunct used in improving your oral hygiene. This product can use water and water pressure to remove plaque from hard-to-reach areas in your mouth.

Why Choose A Water Flosser?

The best Water Flosser from E-Dental Mart can give you superior hygiene measures and ensure that you will have healthy gums. In addition, this product is helpful if you have difficulty removing plaque from hard-to-reach areas such as in between teeth and periodontal pockets. With this, enjoy a fresher breath and healthier gums. You can buy the water flosser online in Pakistan at E-Dental Mart. Score great prices and get this now with fast shipping.

Uses of Water Flosser

Personal oral hygiene is essential to maintain the best level of health and cleanliness of your mouth. So, of course, you would typically think of toothbrushing when it comes to oral hygiene. But toothbrushing is not enough to remove plaque from your mouth. It would be best if you used adjuncts like the Water Flosser. This product is clinically proven to be effective in removing lots of plaque deposits in your mouth. All you need to do is use the Water Flosser after brushing your teeth. Then, as you run the stream of water in your gumline, you can physically remove plaque, microorganisms, and food debris.

Features & Advantages Of Water Flosser

The Water Flosser is a charged device that is waterproof with a water reservoir capacity of 150 ml. This product also includes two nozzles fit for oral hygiene use. Moreover, this product is very easy to use. all you need to do is charge it for up to four hours. Then, you can use the product with the appropriate nozzle tips to clean your gumline and interdental spaces. You can get the Water Flosser online and use it for yourself if you want your gums to be healthier and plaque-free.

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