Wooden Wedges

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Wooden Dental Wedges: Product Introduction

Dental procedures are often completed with the use of adjunctive dental materials. One of the products that you need is the wooden dental wedges

During restorations, you will encounter that some patients have broken down cavity walls extending up to the interproximal space. So, you need to use the wooden wedges here.

The wooden wedges for dental use have varied applications. Most of the time, it is up to the creativity of the dentist to make the most out of this material. The wooden wedges are small triangular wedges that are made to be inserted in the interproximal spaces of teeth. 

The wooden wedges can be used alone or with other materials like the matrix band, celluloid strip, or sectional matrix. If used alone, the wooden wedges will be used to temporarily separate the teeth while you restore the cavity.

Similarly, the wooden wedges can be used to hold the matrix band, celluloid strip, or sectional matrix in place while you pack material like composite.

Restore teeth and tight interproximal contacts with the use of the best wooden wedges.


Best Wooden Wedges: Product Details

At E-Dental Mart, the best wooden wedges are sold in packs containing 200 or 100 pieces. Each comes in different colors that are indicative of the size of the wedge. 

Since interproximal spaces are often different from one patient to another, the set that you will get from E-Dental Mart will be helpful in finding the size and fit that you need!


Get Wooden Wedges For Dental Use for Your Next Restorations

If you will restore class II, III, or IV cavities, you need the wooden wedges for dental use! The wooden wedges will make sure that you can restore the missing walls without harming the cervical gingiva.

Furthermore, the wooden wedges will help confine the restorative material to the cavity. Prevent unwanted sticking of the material to the adjacent tooth!


Customizable Wooden Wedges That Are Sure To Fit Any Interproximal Space

One of the things that you need to avoid when restoring the interproximal spaces of teeth is cervical overhang. This means that part of the material have flowed in excess into the space that the interproximal gingiva is occupying.

When you have a cervical overhang, you risk developing gingivitis and food impaction in that area. Prevent this from happening when using the wooden wedges! The wooden wedges from E-Dental Mart is made of resilient material.

You can trim and customize the wooden wedges to make them fit better into the tooth you are working on!


Buy Dental Wooden Wedges Online in Pakistan from E-Dental Mart!

You can buy dental wooden wedges online in Pakistan from E-Dental Mart. Have the wooden wedges ready for your restorative needs. 

At E-Dental Mart, you can get all sorts of high-quality dental materials! Browse here today and get what you need at reasonable prices and quick shipping.