Flat Tip Coupland Elevator

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Premium Quality Flat Tip Coupland Elevator


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Check out these elevators on E-Dental Mart. We bring you a big range of different varieties of elevation tools used in endodontic surgeries. If you are looking for Coupland dental elevators then E-Dental Mart is your best choice. You name it we have it because E-Dental Mart is catering to all needs of dental professionals for a long time. Coupland elevators are tools of great importance in dentistry. Now you can buy all types of Coupland elevators from our online dental store. We bring you a flat tip Coupland elevator in the best quality. Easy to buy and effective to use this straight elevator is perfect for root elevation of the tooth. You can buy flat tip Coupland elevators online in Pakistan from your own E-Dental Mart online store.

Features Of Flat Tip Coupland Elevator

Flat tip Coupland elevator is most commonly used to luxate teeth. It is made up of a concave surface on one side of blade. Flat tip Coupland elevators are available in three different sizes. Choose the size you need from and order easily according to your need. Flat tip Coupland elevator has straight blade that is on angle from shank. This property makes it easy to use for posterior teeth. Flat tip Coupland elevators are made up of stainless steel of surgical grade. It can be easily autoclaved and sterilized. After going through several cleaning processes it won’t lose its texture. It is a latex-free best quality straight elevator. Flat tip Coupland elevators are durable and easy to use dental elevators. You can buy these amazing tools for tooth elevation and extraction from E-Dental Mart.

Uses Of Flat Tip Coupland Elevators

Flat tip Coupland elevators are mainly designed to loosen or remove dental roots, root fragments or teeth. These instruments can easily fit between teeth and bone to remove it from the socket. Flat tip Coupland elevators are able to remove those teeth where forceps cannot reach. These are best elevators for impinging pressure on adjacent teeth and removing it from the socket smoothly. With an easy grip and strong tip mechanism. Flat tip Coupland elevator is best for treating root fracture in the gingival line, mid-length and apical third.