Fluoride Gel

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Fluoride Gel: Product Introduction

Fluoride is a powerful substance that is beneficial for the teeth. When used in the correct dose, technique, and frequency, you can have your patients’ teeth healthy and strong.

It would be best to teach your patients to maintain their oral health and keep their teeth free from decay.

So, you need to buy sodium fluoride gel as well. Fluoride is incorporated into many dental products, but fluoride gel is professionally used. You will use the dental fluoride gel for your patients as it comes in a very concentrated formula. 

The topical fluoride gel’s indications are for patients needing caries prevention means and treatment of their gum and periodontal disease. Furthermore, you can use the dental fluoride gel to reduce the sensitivity felt by the patient after undergoing tooth bleaching.

The fluoride gel is used with a custom-made tray. The patient’s oral cavity will have a dental cast so that a tray can be fabricated extra orally. With this tray, the fluoride gel can be absorbed by all the teeth and distributed equally.


Topical Fluoride Gel: Product Details

When you buy sodium fluoride gel, you will get 9 grams of the concentrated product that has the capacity for sustained fluoride release.

The packaging is easy to use, and the product comes out as premixed. Therefore, you do not need to mix the product. Just inject it into the tray, and you are ready to deliver the topical fluoride gel to your patient’s teeth.


Best Sodium Fluoride Gel For Cavities With The Best Formulation

The major advantage of using the topical fluoride gel from E-Dental Mart is its formulation. Compared to other fluoride-containing products, the sodium fluoride gel for cavities has just the right amount of fluoride.

Of course, this means that you must follow the correct technique in applying the product. But this also means that your patients will get the benefits from fluoride! The minerals on the teeth will be strengthened, making them more resistant to acid demineralization.

Furthermore, the formulation of the dental fluoride gel does not cause harmful effects on the patients. They will have a comfortable and sensitivity-free experience with the topical fluoride gel!


Take Advantage of the Consistency and Ease of Use of the Fluoride Gel

You would love to use the fluoride gel because it is easy to dispense given its packaging. Once you have your trays ready, just inject the right amount of fluoride gel, and you are ready to put it in the oral cavity. 

Furthermore, the consistency of the fluoride gel is perfect as it is not too viscous nor too watery. It will stay on the tray and coat the tooth surfaces with ease.


Buy Sodium Fluoride Dental Gel Online in Pakistan from E-Dental Mart!

So, now is the time for you to buy sodium fluoride dental gel online in Pakistan! At E-Dental Mart, you can have this product shipped quickly to your location.