Niti K Files (China)

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Original price was: PKR  700.Current price is: PKR  650.

Place of origin : China
Application : Root Canal Treatment
Brand : E-Dental Mart
Length : 21mm, 25mm
Sizes : 6, 8, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 15-40
Certification : FDA
Material : Nickel Titanium (Niti)
Taper : 2%
Sterilization : Maximum recommended temperature of Sterilization is 150C
Packaging : 6 files / box

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Weight 10 g

21mm, 25mm, 31mm


6, 8, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 15-40, 45-80

2 reviews for Niti K Files (China)

  1. Dr. Amjad Leghari

    i’v been using imd k files for quite so many years now… these ones are far better than imd files! totally recommended to all dentists!

    • admin

      Thank you Dr. Amjad Leghari! We look forward to deliver our clients even better products in future.

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What are NiTi K Files?

NiTi K Files also called NiTi Endo Files are Endodontic tools. Endodontics is the discipline of dentistry concerning three aims: Prophylaxis, diagnosis and treatment of pulp diseases and its periodontal complications. Niti K Files are designed for Root Canal Treatment purposes. Likewise, they must be only used by Experts. Root Canal Treatment is a chemo-mechanical procedure. It involves the entire canal network of the only or multiple roots of the treated tooth.

K Files NiTi Design and Standardization 

K Files NiTi available on E-Dental Mart are of the highest quality. Their design incudes four cutting mirror-like edges. It has a 60° Guiding Tip and a 135° cutting angle. In fact, the Progressive Taper Design increases flexibility and shaping ability. As well as its tight spiral allows a 100% safe root canal negotiation. It makes K Files NiTi perfectly fit even in tight and curved Root Canals.   

Nickel Titanium NiTi Endo Files follow Nominal ISO Standards. However, K Files NiTi exist only in twelve ISO sizes (15-80) unlike conventional SS Files. All packages include six pieces per blister: Even NiTi Endo Files 15-40 or 45-80. Files have a fixed plastic washer. They contain a pre-mounted silicone stopper and exist in different lengths.

Three Different Lengths of K Files NiTi

  • 21 mm: These files are friendly toward the majority of root canals. They fit for temporary and permanent teeth CT. And they are ideal for treating teeth with short roots.
  • 25 mm: They should not to be used for temporary mandibular incisors. Avoid using them for overly short roots’ CT as well.
  • 28 mm: Dentists usually use these files to prepare upper canines with long roots.  

Are Nickel Titanium NiTi Endo Files better than traditional Stainless-Steel Files?

We did a quick research in Dental Bibliography. We’ve found that 100% of new and old study result confirm one fact:

The Key Step for successful root canal therapy is optimum quality of cleaning and shaping.

However, all canal treatment instruments, before the 1950s, were empirically manufactured without any accepted scientific criteria. By the time, studies and researches have been proceeding. Several alloys have been tested in order to enhance canal treatment instruments. Nickel Titanium, specifically, has been receiving particular interest.

NiTi Alloy belongs to the family of “Shape Memory Alloys” (SMA). These magical materials are also called “Smart Metals” and “Muscle Wires”. They exhibit an outstanding mechanical performance compared to classical Stainless Steel Alloys. Shape Memory Alloys display a unique clinical feature:  After plastic deformation, this material “remembers” its original shape. It magically returns to it by simple heating.

Researchers processed mechanical instrumentation with different techniques. They advocated NiTi Endo Files made of Premium NiTi Alloy as the most effective to achieve an ultimate shaping. For instance, International Endodontic Journal (IEJ) published a study comparing stainless steel and NiTi Endo Files shaping ability: (1997) 25-34. NiTi instruments leaded to a better upholding root canals’ original curvature. They produced zero to very small ledging of canal walls. However, old stainless-steel instruments made greater harm to root canal walls. Also, they somehow changed canals anatomy, compared to NiTi K Files.

Why Most Experts ALWAYS Chose K Files NiTi upon traditional SS K Files – Two Reasons

Several Stainless Steel files currently exist on the market. Their major deficiency is to make canal negotiation safer, simpler and more reproducible. There are two reasons keeping experts stick to Nickel Titanium NiTi K Files and stay loyal to them.

  1. Dentists got sick of old school SS Files instrument fracture and root perforations

Root perforations are too much common with the regular stainless steel K Files. Instrument fractures as well could be an annoying challenge to even the most experienced dentists.

In fact, regular SS K Files thicker instruments are less flexible and blocks easier than the finer ones. This is especially challenging when the dentist is treating a lower molar with curved root canals. Solving this problem require adding flexibility to thicker instruments. That’s why K Files NiTi manufacturer made each instrument with nickel titanium treated alloy.

Ni Ti provides the instruments a unique linear flexibility. Which make them flex to smoothly and easily follow the root canal’s curves. So whether working with the finest or largest size, the endodontist have the same sensitive control over the file’s cutting action. In addition, Ni Ti high fatigue limit makes NiTi Endo Files avoid breaking even in the most curved canals. 

Another study published by (IEJ) compared Ni Ti and SS Files canal accidents frequency. Study result says Ni Ti Files produced zero to much less canal accidents compared to SS ones. It also promoted NiTi Endo Files as the safest way to explore the final third of curved canals.

  1. High Temperature Sterilization is Allowable!

Repeated sterilization with dry heat and autoclave drops Stainless Steel Files’ Flexibility. The Files lack flexibility in the first place. They became more rigid and fragile following each dry heat.

Otherwise, autoclave sterilization has the exact opposite effect on NiTi K Files: It increases their flexibility! For this reason, files could be over and over again sterilized with no risk of decreasing its quality.

Where can I Buy NiTi K Files Online in Pakistan?

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