Suture Cutting Scissor

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Brand Name: E-Dental Mart
Place of Origin: Pakistan

Name: Suture Cutting Scissor

Feature: Reusable

Product Description

Buy Premium Quality Suture Cutting Scissor in Pakistan

Brand Name : E-Dental Mart

Colour : silver

working ends : full sharped

Type: small, medium,large

Usage : used in Oral surgery

Made In Pakistan

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 Among most important surgical tools, the Suture Cutting Scissor is the one every dental professional must have. Normally you can buy them from anywhere but not every place offers you convenience of reasonable price and online shopping. But E-Dental Mart presents you Best Suture Cutting Scissor designed with best features and manufactured with best quality. Our online dental store has all great quality tools for dental surgical procedures. Our main motive is to provide you what you need without any hassle. If you check out our range of endodontic tools and surgical equipment, you will definitely find what you are looking for. You can Buy Suture Cutting Scissor Online in Pakistan from our online store for easy trimming of sutures.

Features Of Suture Cutting Scissor

Suture cutting scissors available on E-Dental Mart have full sharped working ends that provide easy cutting. It is available in three different sizes. Made with the highest quality stainless steel best suture cutting scissor is reusable. It can be sterilized because it is polished with rust-free silver. These scissors are designed with perfect ergonomics to provide easy and comfortable working for dental and medical professionals. Suture cutting scissors are made with a design that provides perfect grip and prevents slippage. It can bear a lot of wear and remain sharp throughout the suture cutting procedure without becoming dull.

Uses Of suture Cutting Scissors

Straight bladed suture cutting scissor is used for cutting of body tissues near the surface of a wound. As they are named suture cutting these scissors are also used for cutting of sutures. These best suture cutting blades have straight and sharp blades to cut through skin with ease.