Granulotec (PD)

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Granulotec: Product Introduction

The nerves and blood vessels that guarantee the health of teeth are housed in the pulp of both primary and permanent teeth. To prevent the death of the toot, you must take care of the pulp. Unfortunately, pulpitis often prevents this from being preserved any longer.

And with pulpitis as a starting point, problems in the tissues can arise. The body commonly responds to this by developing a granuloma, or excess tissue that holds microorganisms and harms the soft and hard tissue.

Granulotec is a granuloma-specific, Eugenol-free, bactericidal, non-resorbable, radio-opaque preparation for the permanent obturation of infected root canals following pulpectomy and root canal therapy. 

The PD swiss granulotec eugenol free radiopaque root canal sealer paste for granuloma will ensure that the infection will clear, that the granuloma will disappear, and that the periapical tissues will regenerate. Additionally, it should be used to permanently obturate healthy, non-infected teeth.

Use the Granulotec to do permanent obturation of infected root canals with granuloma.

PD Granulotec Root Canal Sealer Paste: Product Details

The PD Granulotec root canal sealer paste comes in two bottles. You will get 20 grams of powder and 15 milliliters of the liquid. 

Once the powder and liquid components are mixed, you can apply them in the root canal and chambers so that the material can exert its effects. 


Best Quality PD Swiss Granulotec Eugenol Free Radiopaque Root Canal Sealer Paste For Granuloma

The primary chemicals in the best root canal sealing paste are iodoform and polyoxymethylene in the powder. And in the liquid, you get phenol, formaldehyde, gaiacol, and dexamethasone acetate. 

The combination of these materials will give you the best quality obturation material. These potent but biocomptable components will ensure that granuloma can resolve and healing will commence.


Easy to Use and the Best Root Canal Sealing Paste

Of course, for your clinic, you need only the best and most tested supplies. For your patients, the PD swiss granulotec eugenol free radiopaque root canal sealer paste for granuloma is best. 

The pulp will not succumb to germs thanks to the best root canal sealing paste, which will also help the soft and hard tissues next to the injured tooth heal.


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