Sable Seek Ultradent

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Caries Indicator 
Expiry Date : 28-02-2027
Weight : 1.22 g (1.2 ml)
Made in USA.
Package Includes: Single syringe

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Sable Seek caries indicator contains FD&C dyes, and Seek caries indicator contains D&C dyes in a glycol base. Both are used to stain carious dentin.

  • Stains demineralized dentin
  • Provides precise, mess-free delivery
  • Available in dark green for working near pulp
  • Use with Black Mini™ Brush Tip
  • Certified gluten free


Seek and Sable Seek caries indicators stain demineralized dentin and can be very useful for difficult to see areas, for example; undercuts of preparations, dark dentin, areas along the DE junction, etc. Green Sable Seek caries indicator helps visualization of decay in deep caries cases to help avoid pulp exposures.



Apply Sable Seek indicator             Rinse with air/water and                Remove green-black color (carious              Reapply. Rinse and verify
with a Black Mini™ Brush tip.          suction. Carious dentin is               dentin) with slow-speed round bur or          complete caries removal.
                                                                 easily identified.                               excavator. To control overexcavating
                                                                                                                                near the pulp, remove final portion
                                                                                                                                of caries with hand excavator.








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